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SportBike Chic, LLC is a private label of women’s motorcycle gear, established in 2016. It’s the brainchild of a proud US Marine veteran and woman motorcycle enthusiast who, not only loves riding but doesn’t mind looking feminine while doing so. Riding motorcycles is one of the ultimate symbols of freedom and empowerment for women. No need to sacrifice femininity while playing with the guys. If we had to sum it up in just a few statements – We want to clothe motorcycle enthusiasts in safety gear, regardless of size. We’re here to fill the gap in what’s available to our women riders for plus size and full-size motorcycle gear for women. We even patented a functional Tank Purse™ line for our women on the go. While the name has its origins from a sportbike enthusiast, coverage is coverage. Our products are great for sportbikes or cruisers.

After years of riding motorcycles and looking for gear that didn’t exist or didn’t fit, we opted for the alternative – to create it. The US is a small percentage of the global motorcycle community. As such, for years, the gap existed for women riders in the US specifically. While size is typically an issue with clothing, it’s even more so with regards to motorcycle gear available for women riders. And then came SportBike Chic, LLC.


We’ve spent the last 3 years working with our manufacturers to bring quality gear and accessories to riders. We’ve examined sizes, textures, fit, comfort, and functionality to bring you only the best. Proper apparel allows us a bit more assurance and confidence to enjoy the ride a bit more.”SportBike Chic” is defined as a style of apparel associated with the journey and lifestyle of a motorcycle enthusiast. It came from a woman whose style prioritizes coverage and safety without sacrificing femininity. Sportbike Chic riders are practical in the riding activities but have a sassy style as well.

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