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Talarik – Outdoor Gear and Accessories
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Talarik is an all American family-owned outdoor business, stop in today at and follow our adventures on IG or FB from Alaska to Tennessee! Our customers mean the world to us and giving back is part of our nature! Use our Military Discount today with promo code SERVICE. Our Insect Shield TickBanz Waist and Ankle Bands are One Size Fits All, comfortable and adjustable Waist and Ankle Bands that effectively repel ticks and chiggers ( We’re also excited to say, Shockey Hunting Adventures Approved! The SlingHook, also a Shockey favorite, is a lifesaver when hiking rugged terrain or just crossing a stream. Simple and functional, the SlingHook allows you to keep your slinged rifle, shotgun, bow, cross-bow, or camera supported and immediately available while hiking with a backpack. Turned around on a plate carrier, the SlingHook also works great to keep your Tactical Sling off your neck. The injection molded hook is incredibly strong, impact resistant and weather-proof. The high quality Velcro hook and loop attachment system is equally durable and snugs up tight to virtually any pack shoulder strap. The SlingHook is wholly made and packaged in the USA ( Our blaze orange Safety Muzzle Covers are perfect for new shooters and experienced outdoorsmen alike, offering a constant reminder of muzzle control. The Safety Muzzle Cover is a quick and simple solution for keeping rain, snow, mud, dirt, and other debris out of your barrel ( Check us out online today, you certainly don’t want to miss our new Inflatable Air Seats! Whether in the deer stand, in the turkey blind, in the office, stadium or truck, the Talarik Inflatable Air Seat is a little slice of heaven you didn’t know you were missing! Come visit us today at to peruse all our products and save by buying direct. 

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