Fort Bragg Community

Fort Bragg



Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8682/8683 or 800-958-4759
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700 Federal Holidays Closed
Please note: All ACS offices are closed the 2nd Wednesday of each month 0800-1200 for training.

Authorized Patrons: Active duty and retired military personnel and their Family members; Reserve and National Guard members who are on active duty for 30 days or more; widows, widowers and other next of kin of Army personnel on active duty or retired at the time of their death; next of kin of prisoners of war or missing in action personnel of all Armed Services.

Services Provided: ACS is an important part of the Army’s program to assist Soldiers and their Families in meeting specific needs. ACS offers a wide variety of programs tailored to assist Army Families living on and off post. ACS is the place to go for answers to your questions and help with concerns or other issues facing military Families. ACS programs and services include:

Airborne Attic: Provides furniture, household items, clothing, toys, etc. to Soldiers (E-4 and below) and Family members if they cannot afford to purchase them or in emergencies.

Army Emergency Relief: Offers loans or grants in emergency situations.

Army Family Team Building: Offers free classes about military lifestyles, skills, and behaviors in order to be knowledgeable, empowered members of the military community.

Army Volunteer Corps: Gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, or support the installation mission by joining the Fort Bragg volunteer team.

Emergency Family Assistance Center: Central point on installation for information during crisis/deployment.

Employment Readiness Program: Provides information on employment, education and volunteer opportunities.

Exceptional Family Member Program: Information, screening and referral for family members with special needs.

Family Advocacy Program: Provides classes on parenting, anger and stress management, and information and assistance in reporting violence in the home.

Financial Readiness Program: Provides financial classes, briefings and counseling to Soldiers, Family Members, commanders and leaders.

Information, Referral & Follow-up: Provides information regarding military and civilian community resources.

Lending Closet: Lends basic household items for temporary use by arriving and departing Soldiers and their Families.

Mobilization, Deployment and Stability Support Operations: Provides support and assistance to commanders in establishing support groups for Families of active and reserve component forces and emergency-essential civilians in support of military operations, deployment or mobilizations, and Family emergency operations.

Multicultural Readiness Program: Offers assistance and support to Soldiers and their Families whose primary language is other than English.

New Parent Support Program: Provides home visits, infant care and parenting info.

Relocation Readiness Program: Newcomer information about Fort Bragg and the surrounding areas; welcome packets/worldwide installation information (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines).

Soldier and Family Assistance Center: A one-stop location for Warriors in Transition and their Families to receive access for obtaining support services.

Survivor Outreach Services: Provides care services to all Families who have suffered the loss of a Soldier. This includes facilitating support groups, coordinating events, as well as, linking families to community resources and services.

Volunteer (ACS) Program: Learn new skills, meet new people and support the ACS programs by volunteering.



Location: 1225 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC
Phone 677-2934
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700


Location: 236 Interceptor, Pope Field
Phone 432-3742 or 800-457-4636
Fax 396-6302
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-2507
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0900-1630
(Case processing closes at 1630)
After Duty Hours
Please call American Red Cross 877-272-7337 to process travel or other emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day.

Services Provided: AER provides financial assistance for valid financial emergencies. Assistance will be provided as a no-interest loan, a grant (when appropriate), or a combination loan and grant. Types of emergencies covered by AER (include but not limited to): non-receipt of or loss of funds; medical, or dental expenses requiring co-payment; funeral expenses for immediate Family member with military ID card holder; travel expenses related to emergencies; rent, food, utilities, vehicle payments and repairs.

  • Active duty Soldiers (single or married), and eligible Family members.
  • National Guard and Reservist Soldiers on active duty (w/Title 10 Orders) for more than 30 consecutive days and their eligible Family members.
  • Soldiers retired from active duty for longevity/physical disability, and their eligible Family members.
  • National Guard & Reserve Soldiers who retired at age 60, and their eligible Family members.
  • Surviving spouses, or children of Soldiers who died while on active duty or after they retired.
  • Procedures for Assistance

Contact unit Command Finance NCO for individual guidance or visit the AER Office for instructions and an application packet. Present completed AER packet, budget form, LES, ID card and supporting documents to AER for processing.

  • Below categories are not authorized:
  • Fines/bails/judgments/legal expenses
  • Ordinary leave/vacations
  • Bad checks or over drafts
  • Credit card payments
  • Marriages/divorces
  • Income taxes
  • Abortions
  • Emergencies resulting from UCMJ actions


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8160
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Offers Soldiers, Family members, retirees and civilian employees the opportunity to provide suggestions/solutions to issues effecting their quality of life. Issues are channeled through the Quarterly Installation Town Hall meetings and at the annual AFAP Conference. To submit your issues visit the above website, or visit the AFAP office.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-AFTB (2382)
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Provides key training for Family members, Soldiers, civilians which enhance basic knowledge of the military lifestyle as well as personal development and leadership skills.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8160 or 396-2458
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Volunteers support the installation mission in various capacities. The AVCC assists volunteer organizations/managers with recruitment/placement, utilization of the web-based Volunteer Management System (VMIS); and provides training and guidance for volunteer recognition.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8160
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

The ACS Volunteer Program offers valuable opportunities to gain experience and directly impact change within ACS programs. The ACS volunteers are eligible to receive 10 hours per week of free childcare with CYS. See CYS info for registration information.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-2390/1425 or 907-3421
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

The Employment Readiness Program is your one-stop for employment and job search information. Weekly workshops are conducted to help job seekers with resume writing, career planning, interview preparation, etc. ERP is also home to the Professional Boutique – a professional clothing resource for military ID card holders!

Services provided include:

  • Certified Federal Job Search Trainers
  • Certified Federal Career Coaches
  • Daily job listings
  • Referrals
  • Workshops/Classes
  • In-depth resume assistance/interview preparation
  • Job search assistance
  • Education and career planning assistance


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive

Phone 907-3395/396 -2749

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided:

  • Parent education resources and recreation events for exceptional Family members.
  • Support Groups
  • Information & referrals to on or off post agencies regarding medical, educational and mental health resources.
  • Assistance with deletions & deferments.
  • Educational & medical facilitation for special needs.
  • Systems Navigation to provide non-clinical case management during in/out processing and new diagnoses.



Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-5521/4175
Fax 432-1685
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Mission: Your source for information about where to find help for a wide variety of parenting or relationship issues. Provides Victim Advocacy for partner abuse. Provides parenting and couple relationship workshops. All post personnel are required to report suspected instances of partner or child abuse or neglect the Military Police (MP) at 396-0391. Call us if we can help!

Services Provided:

  • Wide variety of parenting and relationship workshops with free childcare.
  • New Parent Support Program (NPSP) is a professional team of registered nurses and social workers who provide supportive and caring services to military Families with young children. Our trained, supervised home visitors have extensive knowledge of the issues confronting today’s military parents. Through a variety of programs including home visits, play mornings and parenting classes, the New Parent Support Program will help you learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-deployment reunions and the everyday demands of parenthood. The New Parent Support Program offers you the opportunity to express your concerns and ask questions about babies, infants and young children. Army Families and other military Families expecting a child or with children from birth to 36 months of age are eligible to participate free of charge in all of the services offered.
  • 24 hour Victim Hotline (910-322-3418) answered by trained Victim Advocates who are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide information, referrals, and direct support to persons involved in an abusive relationship. You do NOT have to give your name when calling for help!
  • Family Advocacy Program Briefings to units and leaders. Fort Bragg policy requires all units to receive annual Family Advocacy briefings. All Commanders and First Sergeants are required to receive training on the Family Advocacy Program within 45 days of assuming command.

Help for victims of partner abuse or sexual assault:

Military Police 396-0391/0392 (on post) or call 911
Fort Bragg 24 Hour Victim’s Hotline 322-3418
WAMC Specialty Behavioral Health 907-8272
Cumberland County CARE Center 677-2532
Fayetteville Rape Crisis Center 485-7273
National Domestic Abuse Hotline 800-799-SAFE
Child Help National Hotline 800-422-4453
Military One Source 800-342-9647

To Report Suspected Abuse:

Military Police 396-0391/0392 (on post)or call 911
WAMC Specialty Behavioral Health 907-8272
Cumberland Co. Department of Social Services 677-2450
Harnett County Department of Social Services 893-7500, ext. 8
Hoke County Department of Social Services 878-1988 (911 after hours)
Lee County Department of Social Services 718-4690
Moore County Department of Social Services 947-5883

Worried about privacy? If you are a Soldier or a dependent and a victim of domestic violence you can get private help/information. Contact the Fort Bragg Victim Hotline at 322-3418, a healthcare provider, or Chaplain. If you are still concerned about your privacy, you can call the Fort Bragg Victim Hotline and not give your name – you will still get help.


Marriage and Family Counseling Unit Chaplain (contact unit for phone number)
Specialty Behavioral Health 907-8272
82d-Robinson Clinic 907-8282
Joel Clinic 907-9073
Clark Clinic 907-9670
Tricare 877-TRICARE (874-2273)
Military One Source 800-464-8107
      user id: military password: onesource
Parenting Classes (All Ages)
Family Advocacy Program 396-5521
New Parent Support Program 396-7951
Marital Enrichment Classes
Family Advocacy Program 396-5521
Watters Family Life Center 396-6564


Location: Bldg. 4-2817, north end of the Womack Army Medical Center parking lot – enter from All American Expressway entrance
Phone 907-8272
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Mission: Location to report if scheduled to report to Family Advocacy Program after an incident or for the purpose of obtaining clinical counseling for Family issues. This part of Family Advocacy is specifically for assessment and treatment for intimate partner abuse or child maltreatment.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-2507/907-3670
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0900-1630

Services Provided: Professional financial counselors provide a variety of financial services to military members and Families. Individual counseling, budget preparation and debt reduction planning are all available by appointment. We regularly work with personnel to resolve consumer complaints and provide education on consumer issues.

We offer a full range of classes to include Personal Financial Management Training, Savings and Investment, Budget and Debt Management. Classes can be customized and brought on-site to fulfill unit training requirements. We support FRGs and other groups upon request. Financial Readiness leads to Family Readiness!


Financial Readiness Counselors will walk you through the process of filing a consumer complaint and will help via on your behalf should you experience unfair business practices in the Fort Bragg surrounding area. Call our office for an appointment.


Services Provided: Serves as the initial point of contact for anyone wishing to conduct business on the installation. The Solicitation office provides information to ensure compliance with:

Installation policy as well as Department of Defense and Army regulations.
Accepts applications for solicitation permits. All those conducting business on the installation must have a current permit. Flyers and banners for installation events are reviewed for compliance and approved for circulation.
Solicitation Briefings are offered once a month – please call to register.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8682/8683 or 800-958-4759
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Your one-stop information center on programs and services located in the Fort Bragg and Fayetteville communities. Our goal is to keep Soldiers and Family members aware of all services available and to provide confidential referral information to the appropriate agencies when necessary. Printed resource materials are available, such as maps, phone books and much more. Limited Notary Public assistance.


Location: Bldg. 8-7006, Corner of Letterman & Ord Streets
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1630


Phone 396-6013

Services Provided: Items such as pots, pans, dishes, irons, ironing boards, and small kitchen appliances are available for temporary loan. Items are provided on a loan basis for two weeks. Exception to policy is required for any extension beyond two weeks. Service is provided for active duty Soldiers and family members who are PSCing.


Phone 907-ATIC (2842)

Services Provided: For Soldiers E-4* and below, and their immediate family members. The Airborne Attic provides household items, furniture, appliances, etc. where there is a need or an emergency. A command referral letter is necessary for large household items. The letter can be picked up at the Attic. *Exception to policy can be made for Soldiers E-5 and above.

The Airborne Attic operates completely from donations. Items have been generously donated to the Attic from the community: fellow Soldiers, businesses and other organizations. These items are then inventoried and organized for distribution to Soldiers and families in need of assistance. Your donations are tax deductible. ACS schedules pick-ups of large item donations the first Thursday of each month, both on and off post. Call 907-ATIC (2842) to schedule your pick-up. You may drop off your donations at the Attic on Monday thru Friday between the hours of 0800-1630.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 907-3393
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Training designed to assist Family members, Soldiers, and civilians grow and thrive in the face of challenges. Learn how to bounce back from adversity.


Location: FRG Center, 236 Interceptor Rd, Pope Army Airfield
Phone 432-3742
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: MDSSO program provides community readiness assistance in instances of deployment and emergency situations. This includes training for Family Readiness Group (FRG) Volunteers, Care Teams, Family Readiness Liaisons (FRLs), and Unit Command Teams. MDSSO is also responsible for operating an Emergency Family Assistance Center (E-FAC) in the event of an all hazards event. We serve as case managers for requests for emergency assistance through the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPASS) for those who can’t get to the FAC. We also provide support to Soldiers and Families during Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) and Repatriation. The MDSSO is housed in The Family Readiness Group Center (FRGC). This is a state-of-the-art facility, featuring a fully integrated audio/visual system with VTC, with the mission of providing support to FRGs, FRLs, and commanders with the Total Army Family Support Program. It has small and large classrooms and can be configured into a conference room to accommodate 450 people. It is an excellent place to conduct your FRG meetings or resource fairs. The FRGC also has a computer lab with 18 computers that are available from 0800 until 1700, Monday through Friday.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-6120
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Wednesday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Provides Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard Soldiers and their Families access to international services regardless of language and/or cultural differences. We strive to minimize cultural and language barriers while enhancing the quality of life by providing skills development and coping mechanisms to assist with minimizing the challenges language and cultural barriers can bring. We provide the opportunity for foreign born Soldiers and their family members to interact with others who are from their native countries as well as learn the culture of their new home, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


Location: 3rd Floor, Soldier Support Center, Bldg. 4-2843, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8682/8683 or 907-3507
Fax 396-8401
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: Moving is a part of life for Soldiers, civilian government employees and their Families. Provides a comprehensive support system, whether it’s your first move or the last of many. We have all kinds of information and resources to help you and your family navigate your next military move. Provides information regarding housing, childcare, hospitals, major unit listings, etc. Also you can visit the website below for worldwide military installations info:

Hearts Apart: To assist Waiting Families of deployed Soldiers or Soldiers serving on unaccompanied tours to obtain information, maintain support, and stay abreast of available services regardless of their location.

Newcomers Orientation and Bus Tour: To introduce services and gain familiarity with Family Programs offered at Fort Bragg.

Pre-departure and Settling-In Services: Provides a wide variety of information, answers questions, and referral to the appropriate agencies.

Welcome Packets: Outlining all that a Newcomer would need to know about Fort Bragg, Fayetteville and the surrounding area.


Location: Bldg. 4-2133, Normandy Drive
Phone 908-5031 or 643-6653
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700

Services Provided: A one stop location for Soldiers assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion. The SFAC is also available to Soldiers and their Families that are in the Medical Board process with access to pertinent support services.


Location: Bldg. 4-2133, Normandy Dr.

Phone 396-0384

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 0800-1700 (closed for lunch from 1145-1245)

Services Provided:

  • Support Groups
  • Education Briefings
  • Social and Special Events
  • Gold Star Installation access cards
  • Survivor decals
  • Financial counseling
  • Assist with information and referral to agencies specific to Survivor needs
  • Mentorship, Community and Command Level Briefings and Training Opportunities, Volunteer Opportunities

Other Information: Survivor Outreach Services advocate on behalf of all Families who have suffered the loss of a Soldier and educate the community about the Survivor Outreach Services Program. The program strives to build a unified support program which embraces and reassures Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family for as long as they desire. We provide an avenue of resources to include support groups, information briefs, and social activities.

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