Fort Bragg Community



The 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne) Commander serves as the Director of the Fort Bragg Directorate of Emergency Services. The DES was established on Oct. 1, 1997. It includes the Fire Department, Provost Marshal Office, Physical Security Division, Access Control, Security and Intelligence Division, and the consolidated  911 Center known as the I2MC. This redesign consolidates emergency response elements for better efficiency and effectiveness.


The Provost Marshal Office, and units of the 16th Military Police Brigade, provide comprehensive law enforcement, military police and investigative support to the Fort Bragg community. The collective support program is a robust effort to ensure the safety, security and quality of life of each resident, Soldier, civilian and visitor. The importance of a viable MP support structure cannot be overstated, and the level of support provided reflects the commands commitment to Soldiers and their Families. The significant investment of MP resources to the installation is a key factor in the high quality of life and sense of security of our Army Families. Military Police Soldiers patrol the post day and night in radio equipped patrol vehicles. All Military Police Soldiers are easily recognized by the distinct brassard with the letters MP worn on their left shoulder. Parents are urged to tell their children that they can always get help or information from a military policeman. The PMO is the focal point for all criminal complaints and traffic investigations. An MP or DA Police Officer is dispatched from the I2MC based on a call to 911. The primary point of contact for all incidents is the I2MC (911 Center). The 911 Center is a 24-hour operation and can be reached at 911.


The Fort Bragg Fire Department provides fire and emergency services for Fort Bragg, Simmons Army Airfield and Camp MacKall. The City of Fayetteville and local community fire departments augment Fort Bragg’s capabilities.

Rescue and first aid services are available throughout the installation for accidents involving buildings, vehicles, water and aircraft. Fire prevention safety inspections, public safety education and fire extinguisher training are conducted upon request. For more information, call (910) 396-7377.


Found articles may be turned in to the desk sergeant at the Provost Marshal’s office located in Building 2-5634 on Armistead Street at the corner of Butner Road. Lost articles may be claimed Monday through Friday (except for federal holidays) by calling (910) 396-5566.


The Crime Prevention Section is a public awareness and education unit that strives to improve the security of personal belongings and property on Fort Bragg. Crime prevention seminars, unit crime prevention classes, home security surveys and prevention guidance through the local media are a few of the services provided to Soldiers, their Families and civilian employees on post. For more information, call (910) 396-6569. The Crime Prevention Section also works with on-post housing areas by providing the residents with programs on community safety and security.

The Crime Prevention section operates a 24-hour CRIMESTOPPER line at (910) 396-3937. This tip line is an anonymous method for persons to report information about criminal activity.

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