Fort Bragg Community


The Directorate of Plans, Training and Mobilizations has a very complex and vital role in preparing our Soldiers and units for deployment and recovery. DPTM provides and synchronizes resources to conduct planning, training, operations, mobilization, deployment and modernization to support the Soldier and enhance the greater Fort Bragg community. Additionally DPTM is also responsible for airfield operations, mobilization of reserve and National Guard forces, training ranges, museums and training integration.

DPTM is responsible for oversight of installation aviation matters, to include operating
and maintaining our two fixed base facilities; Simmons Army Airfield and Camp Mackall’s
airfield. They also coordinate airspace utilization for DoD/civil aviation operations at these airfields in support of tactical/non-tactical

The Plans and Operations Division provides and synchronizes operational requirements in support of the Fort Bragg garrison, to include Emergency Operations, Community Activities, Distinguished Visitors, Ceremonies, Force Modernization and Contractual Oversight of Mobilization/Demobilization. For mobilization and demobilization, Fort Bragg’s mission is to train, mobilize, deploy, sustain and redeploy combat ready forces from the Active, Reserve Component and National Guard while caring for Soldiers, employees, retirees and Families. We do this by processing, housing, supporting, equipping, training, validating, deploying and redeploying Reserve Component and National Guard units.

Fort Bragg has more than 138,000 acres of training areas that are maintained and controlled by DPTM. It ensures our 86 ranges are always ready for use and updated to help maximize our Soldiers’ training experience. DPTM operates two museums, the 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum, located here on post on Ardennes Street, and the Airborne and Special Operations Museum located at the intersection of Hay Street and Bragg Boulevard in downtown Fayetteville. Both museums are well known for their exciting displays and ease of understanding our great history. DPTM’s Training Integration Division provides resources and training support services for Fort Bragg Soldiers, DA Civilians and reserve component units. In addition, TID manages the installation schools program, installation training ammunition, provides for live/virtual training aids, training devices, simulators and simulations (TADSS) support, and provides oversight of the Soldier Readiness Program (SRP) and Soldier Readiness Center (SRC).

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