Fort Bragg Community


The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for design, construction, maintenance and repair of all facilities, operation of utility systems, management of all environmental, natural and cultural resources programs as well as providing centralized management for Army Family Housing.

The Budget Office manages funding for DPW and provides liaison with the Mission and Installation Contracting Command.

The Business Operations/Integration Division receives and prioritizes work requests for all on-post facilities other than family housing. This is usually the customer’s first stop when requesting maintenance, repair or modification of buildings, utility systems, roads, grounds or any other real property facility. The division manages billing for utilities services, implements energy conservation and force protection measures, and provides contract management with commercial partners for electrical, natural gas, municipal water and sewerage distribution systems.

The Engineering Division provides study, design, preparation of contract documents and construction quality assurance for all real property maintenance, repair and construction projects on Fort Bragg. Engineering also provides technical and professional engineering expertise, including architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and building construction.

The Environmental Division coordinates Fort Bragg’s Integrated Strategic Environmental Plan through the Environmental Sustainment Office (ESO) and the Natural Resources Division (NRD). The division manages programs in four major areas: Compliance, Pollution Prevention, Conservation and Restoration. ESO advises tenant units and activities of actions necessary to comply with existing environmental laws and regulations, and trains unit representatives on the proper handling and disposal of hazardous and special wastes. The ESO is also responsible for the cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination sites throughout the installation. NRD manages all natural resources on Fort Bragg using a total ecosystem management process. This enables Fort Bragg to regularly conduct timber and forest product sales while providing recreational hunting and fishing opportunities for Soldiers, civilians and Family members. This management process also promotes the recovery of five federally listed endangered species, which are managed in concert with Fort Bragg’s training mission. The Cultural Resources Program rounds out the ESO mission. This resource program includes identifying, cataloging and managing archeological sites, as well as significant historical structures.

The Housing Division provides management and operation for both on- and off-post Army Family Housing. The division provides contract supervision for on-post housing of its commercial partner Picerne Military Housing, which handles construction, maintenance, renovation and repair of family housing assets, as well as bachelor officer and senior non-commissioned officer housing. The division also provides certificates of non-availability for single Soldiers, private through staff sergeant, who are approved to live off post. Fort Bragg has over 6,000 family housing units comprised of two-, three- and four-bedroom multiple apartments, duplexes and single houses in thirteen communities located on Fort Bragg. Additionally, there are 250 two- and four-bedroom homes near Raeford, N.C., which are leased for enlisted Soldiers of all ranks. Normally there is a waiting period for each category of housing. Housing assignments are determined by grade category and bedroom requirements. To apply for on-post or leased family housing, Soldiers need to come to the Housing Office located in Hardy Hall, Building D-3705 on Darby Loop near the Post Exchange Mini Mall. All soldiers are required to contact the Community Home-finding, Relocation and Referral Services (CHRRS) before making commitments for off-post housing. When on-post quarters are unavailable, CHRRS assists in finding off-post housing.

The Master Planning Division provides long- term management from construction through demolition of real property. The Master Planning Division develops and maintains the Fort Bragg Real Property Master Plan to include the long range component, the short-range component, the capital investment strategy and the real property master planning digest. The division manages and coordinates all real estate actions to include leases, easements, rights of way, in-grants and out-grants. Master Planning Division accomplishes the following tasks:


Accomplishes initial planning and site selection for all proposed facilities.

Develops the project proposal (DD1391) to secure funding from Congress.

Coordinates design efforts between Fort Bragg and the user.

Maintains liaison during construction with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Accepts the building as real property upon completion.

Maintains accountability and assignment records for the building.

Manages space utilization for the life of the building.

Plans for eventual demolition once the building has exceeded its economic life.


The Operations and Maintenance Division provides repair and maintenance services for all Fort Bragg buildings and facilities other than family housing. These include general building maintenance, carpentry, painting, plumbing and interior electrical work. The division maintains roads and grounds as well as managing an urban forestry program. It conducts maintenance on special equipment such as bay doors, personnel doors, locks, kitchen equipment, cranes and hoists.

The division also manages small contracts for projects such as garbage collection, portable toilets, window and door replacement, lawn maintenance, pumping and cleaning of grease traps, field latrines, septic tanks and refuse collection.

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