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Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville VETERINARY SERVICES


Location: Bldg. 2-7606, Reilly Road
Phone 396-9120
Fax 396-3882

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1600*
Saturday-Sunday & Federal Holidays Closed

*Closed the last working day of the month for inventory and staff development.

Services Provided: The VETCEN provides annual wellness appointments for vaccines and screening tests for dogs and cats. The VETCEN also provides limited sick-call, routine surgery, and dental prophylaxis for privately owned animals. The VETCEN provides domestic and international Health Certificates for your pets when you PCS. Contact the VETCEN to discuss other services or procedures for your pets or to schedule an appointment.


  1. All dogs and cats residing on Fort Bragg must be registered in accordance with FB REG 40-5 and housing requirements within 10 days of arrival or acquisition.
  2. Owners can contact the VETCEN to review patient records or schedule an appointment to ensure all requirements are met prior to completion of the housing memorandum.
  3. All active, Guard, Reserve, and retired personnel must present a DOD Uniformed Services ID card for services.
    Wildlife and exotic animals (ferrets, skunks, raccoons, wolves, wolf hybrids, etc.) are not authorized to be housed on Fort Bragg and will not be treated at this facility.
  4. Stray Animal/Animal Control: Stray animals found roaming on Fort Bragg are handled by county animal control agencies. If you encounter a stray animal, contact the Military Police who will coordinate with the local animal control agency to secure the animal.


Phone 396-3103
Fax 396-2913

Hours of Operation:
Food Inspector Duty
Monday-Friday 0900-1630

Services Provided: Veterinary Food Inspectors provide complete food inspection support for all commissary stores, shoppettes, MWR food and child care facilities, DoDEA schools, and Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO).

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