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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

The major function of Veterinary Services is the inspection of food supplies and sanitary conditions at all food handling facilities such as the Troop Issue Subsistence Activity, the commissaries and shoppettes on Fort Bragg.

Pet care at the Veterinary Treatment Facility is limited to preventative care and treatment for diseases including routine vaccinations, most de-worming, microchipping and treatments for minor illnesses.

All pets living on post must be registered at the VTF and have valid certificates of rabies vaccination. Appointments are required for all visits and may be scheduled one week in advance. Pet owners are responsible for the control and proper care of their pets and should be familiar with Fort Bragg Regulation 40-5.

The Fort Bragg facility has a wide variety of dogs and cats for adoption. Stray animals found on post are kept at the facility for three working days to allow owners time to claim them.

Food Branch, (910) 396-3103. Pet registration and appointments, (910) 396-9120. Post Veterinarian and Branch chief, (910) 396-3103.

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