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Innovative engagement at Naval Health Clinic New England Newport Diversity Event

Innovative engagement at Naval Health Clinic New England Newport Diversity Event

Story by Kathy MacKnight on 03/29/2019

In a dynamic twist on standard PowerPoint presentation, Naval Health Clinic New England’s (NHCNE) Newport Diversity Committee incorporated an internet game technology to their recent Women’s History Month celebration.
Hospitalman (HN) Karen Cuapio, the committee’s new secretary, directed everyone to pull out their cell phones and go to the Kahoot! website to take a quiz that she created just for the event.
Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform used in education institutions, corporate training, or just for fun. Kahoots are multiple-choice quizzes that are accessed via a web browser.
In a group setting, questions appear on a shared screen and players answer on their mobile devices. You can create your own quizzes or play one of the many that Kahoot! has in its public repository.
At the conclusion of your game, the top scores from the competition are displayed.
Vanderbilt University research has found that students who played games outperformed their peers on standardized tests.
They also noted that active learning is the way adults learn best – a strategy that demands their participation in solving problems, which then increases engagement and performance.
Many of the attendees were introduced to Kahoot! for the first time as HN Cuapio opened the event with questions that tested individual’s knowledge of important dates in history commemorating the achievements of women.
HN Cuapio shared that she found Kahoot! to be particularly beneficial during Corps School (HM A school). Her instructor utilized Kahoot! as a forum to access comprehension of class material and determined what topics require further review.
This system also took pressure off the students because they don’t have to share their areas of struggle with the other members of the group. HN Cuapio also added, “Whether you are primarily a visual learner or an auditory learner, this format appears to work for everyone.”
Captain Marnie Buchanan (Commanding Officer of NHCNE) stated, “Our diversity team here at NHCNE are amazing. Their passion, dedication, and intuitive ways they continue to promote diversity throughout our command are extremely impressive. These leaders have taken our command diversity program to the next level and it is an honor to watch them in action.”
Captivating the audience, the Kahoot! quiz served to boost participation and interaction amongst NHCNE staff gathered to observe Women’s History Month. The Diversity Committee plans to utilize more interactive quizzes for future presentations.
So if you are looking for a creative approach to training, getting people more engaged in a topic, improving teamwork and motivation, while reinforcing knowledge and testing personal knowledge, consider inviting everyone to bring their mobile devices to your next event, and leverage technology to make your “just another PowerPoint Presentation” a memorable experience.

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