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JBSA Ft. Sam Houston Caisson Team Dedicates horse in Sergeant Major of the Army’s Name

JBSA Ft. Sam Houston Caisson Team Dedicates horse in Sergeant Major of the Army’s Name

Story by Lauren Padden on 06/20/2019

Fort Sam Houston is home to one of only two caisson teams in the Army which performs a valuable role conducting military funerals at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery every year. The Caisson team recently added a new member, a horse which was formally named here in a ceremony June 17.
Traditionally, the caisson horses are named in honor of retired Sergeants Major of the Army and Fifth Army Medal of Honor recipients. Army North had the unique opportunity to name the newest horse in honor of Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey, who was present to see “Dailey” receive his new name.
Lt. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, U.S. Army North commanding general, spoke during the ceremony about how Sgt. Maj. of the Army Dailey epitomizes the Army value of selfless service and how he advocated for not just the soliders, but the civilians serving as well as the family members within our Army.
“We are going to miss him, but we are going to have a horse here named after you,” said Buchanan. “We’re thankful for your service and thankful you were able to be here today.”
Dailey joked about his excitement at having never had anything named after him and encouraged his namesake be given extra apple rations every day.
All jokes aside, Dailey reiterated the importance of Military Funeral Honor Platoons and the significance of their mission to the service members laid to rest by these teams.
“Don’t ever think it doesn’t go unrecognized every single time we lay one of our heroes to rest; that family is at peace,” said Dailey. “They lost a son or a daughter, aunt or uncle, or brother or sister, a mother or father, but they know it’s not in vain, it’s for a reason that we all continue to enjoy the rest of our lives. Thank you for continuing the legacy of this great tradition, thank you for being part of it for the future and please work hard to preserve it because this is what our soldiers fight for.”
The ceremony concluded with a tour of the newly refurbished stable facility where guests got a chance to meet Dailey. And in keeping with the promise of the Sgt. Maj., Dailey got extra rations of apples that morning.

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