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We sell bulk, discounted, leading brand equivalent laundry detergent, fabric softener, pods, dish liquid, and a select number of cleaning supplies. You WON’T beat our prices!

  • We offer Wholesale Bulk Sales on Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Laundry Pods, Dish Liquid, and other Cleaners
  • Need a Fundraiser? Check out our Buckets 4 Buck$ Fundraiser Platform! We have a high-profit margin and quick ordering turn around. NO Up Front Charges or Fees! Guaranteed to make money for your organization.

 Our products are equivalent to those found in leading retail stores.


-Comparable to National Leading Tide, Gain, All Free & Clear, Downy & Dawn Dish.

-Hybrid formula works in ALL washing machines, including front loaders and high-efficiency (HE) machines

       -Each 5-gallon bucket comes with a pump

       -Each bucket washes ~640 loads = ~$0.05 per load

       -7 Detergent, 2 Fabric Softener, Multiple Cleaning, 1 Dish & 3 Pod options available

       –MADE IN THE USA!!


PRODUCT CHOICES: 5-gallon Buckets w/ Pump =$35 or 1-gallon Jugs w/ Pump= $10

 BLUE Original Scent     Equivalent to Tide Original

 BLUE w/ Oxi                Equivalent to Tide Plus Oxi  

BLUE w/ Softener        Equivalent to Tide w/ Downy

GREEN Original           Equivalent to Gain Original      

GREEN Mango             Equivalent to Gain Mango Tango

GREEN w/ Softener     Equivalent to Gain w/ Softener   

CLEAR                         Equivalent to ALL Free & Clear      

FABRIC SOFTENER       Equivalent to Downy

FABRIC SOFTENER       Equivalent to Gain


DISH LIQUID                Equivalent to Dawn Dish Liquid      

CLEANER                     Equivalent to Pine Sol

BLEACH                       Equivalent to BG Home Bleach 

ALL- PURPOSE             Equivalent to Fabuloso Cleaner

DEGREASER                  Equivalent to Commerical Grade Degreaser

CAR WASH                   Equivalent to P & S Car Wash 

PODS: Bucket of 320- $60 OR Bucket of 150- $30

BLUE PODS                  Equivalent to Tide Pods   

GREEN PODS               Equivalent to Gain Pods   

CLEAR PODS                Equivalent to All Free & Clear 



30 Pack Paper Towels-$35

24 Pack JUMBO Roll Toilet Paper- $18


*Items are not being sold as Proctor and Gamble products, Unilever products, or Sun Corporation products. Tide, Tide plus Oxi, Tide plus Febreze, Tide plus a Touch of Downy, Gain, Gain plus Softener, Gain plus Oxi, Downy April Fresh, and Dawn are registered Trademarks.

All rights reserved. All prices are subject to change.

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