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” Living without Soft Water is Simply Hard “

As your only veteran owned water purification company in the area, we will provide superb customer service and earn the loyalty and respect of our customers and become a company that thrives on referrals, along with offering the highest quality water treatment options available. We will do our due diligence on keeping up with the advances in water treatment technology and to continually expand our base of knowledge and expertise. We also perform RO filter changes and carbon re-bed on other systems. We offer activated carbon impregnated with silver to prohibit bacterial growth. “One day at a time, one opportunity at a time. truthfulness, honesty and commitment to the future”


Having had salt based water softeners in the past, I came into this project believing I knew what to expect. Boy did I get taught a thing or two. Advancements in technology, I have personally been witness lies others have told to just make a sale and contract trades that barely know what they are doing. Better quality water is the goal; arresting the scaling and calcium deposits in our appliances and water lines played a key factor in this investment. Tony came by and showed us exactly what was in our water (I thought I already knew) and gave some valuable insight into the failure and exaggeration commercial water filters that are sold as “quality” when you buy a refrigerator or a simple bottle of water. Tony answered all of my questions by presenting evidence and facts as to what was actually being added by our local municipality. Never once were we pressured to buy a single thing; only at the end of his presentation did he even mention cost of purchase (he was unaware that we were already going to buy the thing). Real nice, down to earth cat. An appointment was made the following day to have the unit installed and it was!! Tom came by with his wife, got straight to work, no small superfluous small talk and in about an hour or so, we were ready to go. I missed my water softener from several years back and with this unit, I no longer have the longing. For two dudes that bill themselves as a “Hometown Solution” to anything, they operate a though they are much bigger in scope and footprint. Excellent customer service. Excellent and immediate response to any questions posed. As a customer in 2020 we appreciate being treated as if we were the ONLY customer. Thanks guys and keep it up!!

Michael A. in Clarksville, TN

Tom and Tony were both great. Very impressed with their company and pleased with product and service. Would highly recommend!

Jim M. in Gallatin, TN

Top notch service and showed up early and completed installation of a water system that I already had. We scheduled to have my water tested to make sure everything is working properly . Very very reasonable installation cost I couldn’t believe it but I am very happy I connected with Tom to help me get my system installed at a very low cost to me. Honest and hard working knows what he needed to do to get the job done.

W T. in Clarksville, TN

Fast, affordable, and efficient.

Eric R.

Thomas was very professional. He answered all my questions. It was a very good experience.

Angela M.



A Word From The Owner


I chose to work in this industry because I have a passion for fixing water. Water is a necessity so allow us to provide you with pure water with the Water Tech purification system. I am an Air Force veteran and a retired corrections officer, I can do many things but I choose to enhance the quality of life for as many people as possible by providing the best water possible. The effects of Chlorine are devastating and city water is just hammered with chlorine to kill the bacteria. Then you have all the calcium and magnesium to deal with along with pesticides, pharmaceuticals and much more, all I ask is to give us the opportunity to perform a complimentary water test. no pressure or sales pitching. Just the facts on what is in your water and how we can fix it. .

We describe our business as Family owned and operated.

Thomas Giavonni (C) 615-203-1494
HomeTown Water Solutions


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