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We are a Colon Hydrotherapy business. Also known as Colon Irrigation or Colon Cleansing. This safe and gentle process uses warm, purified, filtered water that flows through a small sterile, lubricated disposable rectal tube to flush any stored waste, toxins and trapped gases in your colon (large intestine). We use the LIBBE open system device. The LIBBE is a US FDA Registered Class ll medical device for Colon Hydrotherapy. This advanced state of the art equipment is what separates us from other Colon Hydrotherapy providers! Using this system, we are able to create a relaxing atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and more private. We sanitize after every client using FDA standards. Our slogan is “Give your Gut a Spa Day!” We give a 10% military discount for new clients. The purpose of our business is to help others. People who are constipated, have digestive issues or just want a cleanse this is the target market we are reaching out to.


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