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Unaccompanied Soldier Housing

Unaccompanied Soldier Housing

Ft Campbell Unaccompanied Soldier Housing

Building 850
Corner of Georgia Avenue and 16th Street
DSN 635-3808

It is mandatory for single service members private (E-1) through sergeant (E-5) without dependents to reside on post in Unaccompanied Housing (UH). Each unit’s First Sergeant Barracks Program (FSBP 2020) office is responsible for assigning and terminating service members to their unit’s UH footprint. Unaccompanied Soldiers married to another service member on separate tours will be assigned to UH on the same basis as unmarried personnel. All exceptions to this policy must come from the garrison commander. Before you enter into a lease agreement off post, you must have an approved certificate of nonavailability (CNA). You must confirm that you are authorized to receive Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) at the without-dependent rate before securing a lease off post if you are private (E-1) through sergeant (E-5).

Service members who are geographically separated from their families are not authorized to live in UH. Single service member’s staff sergeant (E-6) and above are required to live off post. Staff sergeant (E-6) and above without dependents are authorized to draw BAH at the without-dependent rate. Soldiers in this category are not required to apply for a certificate of nonavailability.

There are no senior enlisted quarters (SEQ) or bachelor officer quarters (BOQ) housing units on post. The HSO maintains listings of available apartments and houses for rent or purchase off post.

The AHOUS website is the single point of entry for all Army housing information. AHOUS is the Army’s official website for Soldiers and families looking for information regarding Army Family Housing, Unaccompanied Housing or community (off-post) housing. The Army Virtual Housing Experience provides Soldiers and families world-class, customer-focused housing information, allowing them to make informed choices about off-post, privatized and military housing options at their next duty station. Please visit this website for more information at

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