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Boyle, Ann Greer, D.D.S.
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Boyle, Ann Greer, D.D.S.


Establish a healthy smile and prevent problems from occurring or returning.

Athletic mouth guards
Dental cleaning
Fluoride treatments
Oral sleep appliances


Repair your smile from a chipped or broken tooth, infection or decay.

Composite fillings, bonding
Gum disease treatment
Porcelain/gold crowns, bridges
Restorative phase of implants
Root canal therapy

Cosmetic Enhancements
Improve the aesthetics of your smile so it reflects your confidence.

Dental bonding
Composite replacement fillings
Porcelain veneers
Teeth whitening

Pediatric Dentistry
Establish a lifetime of healthy smiles and healthy habits for your young ones.

Children’s happy visits
Well baby care