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Carol’s Creative Glass, LLC
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Carol’s Creative Glass 


Stained Glass Supplies, Gifts, Classes, Custom Designs and Repairs.

Our store carries a wide range of supplies to enhance the experience of every level of artistry in stained glass and jewelry supplies. A vast array of tools and equipment are on hand for the beginner to the most advanced artist. If specialized tools are needed, just let us know and we will order the items to have them available.

Classes will be provided for those that are just starting out in building stained glass projects all the way up to advanced classes. These are inclusive of basic design development, cutting techniques, soldering techniques, slumping, fusing and jewelry. There are many classes available. Please check out our services page for a complete listing of classes available.

Custom designs of our students and patrons are a forefront goal of ours.

One of our key vendors, Spectrum Glass Company, is a leading manufacturer of specialty sheet glass for art and architecture. Using a unique combination of hand crafted methods and modern glass making technology, Spectrum produces a contemporary art glass that sets new standards for quality, consistency and creativity.

Whether you are shopping for that unique gift or wanting to learn how to make one, Carol’s Creative Glass, LLC is your one stop shop for all your decorative glass related needs.