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Hope & Grace Merchantile
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HI! My name is Jessica, and my husband is Gerald. We have four kids, and live in Colorado. We love to cook together, go camping, and have gatherings. 


And we are Hope & Grace Merchantile! We excited to share our line and designs with you. Our daughters’ middle names are Hope and Grace. And that is exactly what we encourage and strive to bring to the world! As we have journeyed through life, as single parents then as we blended our family, we know that everyone can use some hope for a better tomorrow. And a little grace for when we aren’t perfect or fall short! We have been on our own personal journey to know and understand our Heavenly Father and His Son,Jesus Christ, and His desire for us. As we have faith in Him, and ask for His help, He will surely give us peace, through Hope and Grace! Thank you for joining us!

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