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MIKE MATLI – Stallion Squad Fitness

 My passion for weightlifting began at an early age of 12, while I was always involved in sports, I discovered weightlifting while hanging out with my older cousin. He was always in great shape and he and his friends where always working out. When my cousin was not around, I would imitate what they would do and before you know it, I was lifting with the older kids in Jr. High. As time went by, I got stronger and loved being in the weight room. All throughout high school and present I have had a passion for this life and have spent many years reaching for that goal and I have turned that passion into helping others achieve their fitness goals as well. I developed this brand to band together like-minded individuals and do what we do best, Smash These Weights and lift each other up in the process. Stallion Squad fitness is a family and if you support the movement, Welcome to the Squad!!!

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