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10th Group Owns the Night

10th Group Owns the Night

Story by SGT Justin Smith on 09/18/2019

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Green Berets assigned to the Crisis Response Force (CRF), 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) recently conducted a training exercise, here, on Sept. 10, 2019 at a range designed to mimic the complexity of multi-building objectives.
The training covered all aspects of a typical mission, from receiving a warning order with intelligence packet to insertion into the objective under cover of darkness, clearing through all target buildings and exfiltration back to base.
Achieving this level of expertise takes a lot of work. The CRF members trained for about two months for this exercise by practicing and mastering the fundamentals of crisis response operations.
“You start out at a flat range and hone some of your individual skills prior to coming together,” said a senior non-commissioned officer assigned to the CRF and overseeing the training. “This is a more collective skill that we have where we’re bringing the whole unit together for a combined operation.”
Upon their infiltration into the target area, two separate teams worked in tandem to reach their first target building. Under cover of darkness, they moved through uneven and hilly terrain and loaded down with tactical gear, all the while expected to remain undetected by passive or active observation.
Observers from the CRF placed multiple obstacles in the buildings. Doing this allows the teams to practice using specialized pieces of equipment such as the quickie-saw, a portable saw with the ability to cut through wire and other metal obstructions quickly.
Once the teams had established security outside the first building, they utilized explosive charges to breach a locked entry. For purposes of the training, the breach failed and the door remainedas an obstacle. The next option for entry were windows covered in chain-link mesh. A team member with a quickie saw went to work on the mesh, sending sparks flying into the night.
After breaching the window, Green Berets quickly entered the building only to come under fire from role players using simulation ammunition. The teams then began clearing the building, room by room, using a combination of flash bang grenades and their weapons to neutralize opposing forces. The teams then consolidated and moved to the second building, clearing it, and finishing with a third and final building.

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