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U.S. soldiers assigned to the 21st Signal Brigade prepare for an esprit de corps run at Fort Detrick. The run brings soldiers from every unit in the brigade to raise morale and demonstrate physical fitness. (Photo by Spc. Elliott Banks, January 2014)

Army Personnel

Soldiers should report to their new unit and meet with their sponsor. Soldiers arriving after duty hours should report to the staff duty noncommissioned officer at 1532 Porter St. to sign in. Soldiers must come to the Military Personnel Division in the Community Support Center, 1520 Freedman Drive, Room 139A, to pick up the installation in-processing checklist. Sponsors are responsible for escorting new arrivals to the various agencies for in-processing. When reporting to MPD, soldiers should bring a duty position memorandum, permanent change of station orders, military personnel file, and medical, dental and education records.

Visit the Military Personnel Division website for additional information on in-processing procedures at

Navy Personnel

Navy personnel should report to the Naval Medical Logistics Command at 1681 Nelson St. upon arrival for in-processing.

National Center for Medical Intelligence Military Members

National Center for Medical Intelligence military members should in-process at the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center’s Military Personnel Office, at 1607 Porter St., upon arrival.

Civilian Personnel

Civilian personnel should report to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, at 1541 Porter St., to in-process.


Fort Detrick no longer provides temporary Army lodging. Statements of non-availability are not required. For information about local hotels, visit the Housing Division website at and click on the “Hotel/Motel Listing” link.

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