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Aggressive Apparel-fac was created to help fund the Front and Center Foundation to honor the award-winning humanitarian legacy of Joseph “Huey” Donahue. You can explore his life and purchase your apparel at  Hit the “Shop My Logo” tab and be directed to Aggressive Apparel-fac. Or, visit us at our facebook page at Finally, you can go directly to the shopping platform at All apparel is processed in the USA of high-quality fabrics, and all proceeds go to the foundation.  Get great apparel, donate to charity-what more could you want?

Purchase the logo alone, with existing text, or contact for a custom order such as your name, unit number, sports team, whatever you want! I have a team of print screeners to fulfill your imagination with an order of 12 or more.

Huey graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1984. He embarked on a nine-year military career as a US Army infantry and Special Forces officer, including service in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He trained and led an elite group of “door knockers”, men who conducted highly sensitive missions in multiple foreign countries.

After his Army career, Huey began a 20-year career in the international humanitarian community. He soon became involved in the landmine and unexploded ordnance removal arena and visited nearly every conflict and natural disaster destination on the planet. He routinely risked his life, often having to go into active combat zones, in these pursuits for the safety of others. Huey was a fearless leader and award-winning humanitarian, but also an amazing artist, athlete, and musician.

Aggressive Apparel-fac was founded on a logo Huey hand-drew as a gift to his friend Martins Licis when he was awarded Strongman of the Year in 2019. Martins nickname is “The Dragon” which represents the fire inside him. Huey’s logo likewise represents the fire inside all men who accomplish great things.

Joseph “Huey” Donahue was interred at Arlington National Cemetery on 3 August, 2020.

Front and Center is a not for profit 501(c)(3) tax deductible foundation.  Please visit to find out the wonderful humanitarian acts being conducted in Huey’s name with your help.  Thank you!

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