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Ray’s Service Center, Inc.
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Ray’s Service Center is a full service auto repair shop. For over 35 years we have been serving all types of vehicles. We have become the community favorite and most trusted mechanic that you can turn to when in need of auto service.
Our main goal is to eliminate any extra stress from our clients that can come from having automotive troubles. We strive to do that by delivering exceptional and fast customer service. Our mechanics have been around all types of vehicles for many years and know exactly how to make sure every vehicle gets the best care in order to reduce the likely hood of future problems.
We also offer all types of towing to include enclosed trailer towing. We provide the most competitive and affordable prices in the area. We use the most efficient equipment and materials to get you your vehicle back as fast as possible and also eliminating extra unnecessary cost. Call us today and find out just how affordable our services are!
Our shop rate is the lowest in the area so we do not normally offer a discount.
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