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Air Force In-Processing

Air Force In-Processing


Newly arrived U.S. Air Force personnel with orders to 20 ASOS must report to the 20 ASOS Commander’s Support Staff, Building 11480, Enduring Freedom Drive, with their sponsor if available, for in-processing. If the member arrives on a holiday, down day or weekend, the member will report the following duty day to sign in and in-process. If the member plans to arrive at the unit earlier than initially planned, the member will inform his or her sponsor and contact the 20 ASOS at 315-772-0412/0729/6958 or DSN 772-0412/0729/6958.

Key Personnel:

Commander 315-772-4535
First Sergeant 315-772-4190
Director of Operations 315-772-3596
Squadron Superintendent 315-772-4462
Operations Superintendent 315-772-6966
Operations Flight Commander 315-774-8132/6880/1469
Logistics Flight Commander 315-772-4650
Commander’s Support Staff 315-772-6958/0412

American Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Service Center

(This number is only to be used for emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day.)

Local Non-emergencies: 315-772-6561
Fax: 315-772-8876

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