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Laws and Regulations for New York and Fort Drum

Laws and Regulations for New York and Fort Drum

Ft Drum Welcome Laws and Regulations


New York State and Fort Drum may have some laws and regulations that differ from other places military service members, civilians and their Families have served. The Following information may be helpful. Contact local law enforcement agencies for further details. Fort Drum does not require post stickers, only New York state vehicle registration.

Visitor’s Passes

Fort Drum is regulated for installation access by the federal REAL ID ACT. Under these guidelines, some state driver’s licenses are no longer solely acceptable for proof of identification. Individuals will be required to provide additional identification for gate access.

The information below is correct as of Oct. 10, 2017, with a grace period until Jan. 22, 2018. For the latest gate access information, contact Access Control at 315-772-9959.

REAL ID Update: Effective Oct. 10, 2017, the following state licenses will not be acceptable for unescorted access to Fort Drum unless a secondary proof of identity document is presented to obtain a temporary installation pass: Alaska, American Samoa, California, Guam, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Northern Marianas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virgin Islands, Virginia, and Washington.

Enhanced driver’s licenses are acceptable.

Secondary proof of identity: These include a U.S. passport, permanent resident card/alien registration receipt card; employment authorization document with photo; U.S. Military or draft record; U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Cards; Transportation Worker Identification Card; Native American Tribal Document; PIV-I card issued by non-federal government entities; ID cards issued by local government containing photograph, name and expiration date; university, library or school card containing photograph, name and expiration date; original or certified copy of birth certificate with the person’s full name and DOB; utility bill or other documentation with the person’s name and address of principal residence; vehicle registration with name and address; vehicle insurance policy; original or certified copy of marriage certificate/license; New York state benefits card with person’s name and DOB; New York state pistol permit; and original or certified copy of DDForm 214.

Sponsors requesting access for visitors without REAL ID Act compliant forms of identification or supplemental identity-proofing documents will be required to escort their guests at all times while on the installation.

Sponsors MUST:

  • Be in possession of a valid DOD ID card.
  • Be 18 years of age or older and fall into one of the following categories: Soldiers, Family members, retirees and their spouses, civilian employees or contractors who possess a DOD ID card.
  • Meet guests at a visitor gate to sign for them: Lt. Gen. Paul Cerjan/Main Gate, Gas Alley Gate or the Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield gate.
  • Be willing to accept responsibility for all actions of their sponsored guests while those guests are visiting the installation.

Visitors who wish to bring their vehicle on post must present a valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. Once a pass is obtained, pass holders may enter Fort Drum via any gate EXCEPT 45th Infantry Division Drive, which is open to DOD ID card holders only. For more information, go online to

License and Registration

New York state law requires all individuals operating a motor vehicle in the state be properly licensed to drive a motor vehicle. However, certain states do have military extensions for residents of that state. Check with Military Police at 315-772-7770/7771 if you have questions.

All motor vehicles operating in New York State require vehicle insurance.

Service members are not required to register their privately owned vehicles in New York State if they hold a valid registration from another state. New York State does acknowledge U.S. Army Europe driver’s licenses as being valid for motor vehicle operation for 60 days after entering the state. Also, drivers have 45 days to obtain New York state registration if a car has Status of Forces Agreement license plates from overseas.

It is Fort Drum policy that all vehicles of assigned and attached personnel must maintain a valid state inspection certificate if the vehicle is registered in a state that requires annual safety inspections. The inspection may be from the state where the vehicle is registered or from an official New York state inspection station if the New York state inspection complies with the state requirements where the vehicle is registered. If the state in which a car is registered does not have an inspection program, 15 days are allowed to get a New York state inspection sticker.

Driving to and in Canada

Travelers must have proof of United States citizenship when crossing between the United States and Canada. Foreign-born individuals must carry a copy of their naturalization certificate if they have become a U.S. citizen. If not, a passport and current United States visa is required. A passport is required when flying to Canada, but birth certificates or a passport are permitted for children when driving to Canada. An enhanced driver’s license may be used as an alternate to a passport.

Soldiers assigned to Fort Drum need a signed DA Form 31 prior to going to Canada.

Additionally, you will need to attend a Canadian Country Briefing (usually through unit’s S2 section) prior to travel. The force protection officer provides country briefings monthly on the third Thursday of each month. Civilian employees and Family members are encouraged to attend this briefing.

Travelers are required to have a non-resident, interprovince vehicle liability ID card when driving in Canada. Anyone stopped by Canadian law enforcement must present a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of current liability insurance.

Remove any radar detectors from vehicles before crossing the border. They are illegal in Canada and will be confiscated and destroyed and drivers will be subject to a fine. A DOD directive also makes radar detectors illegal on post.

Seat Belts

Per New York state law, in the front seat, the driver and each passenger must wear a seat belt, one person per belt.

  • In the front seat, the driver and each passenger must wear a seat belt, one person per belt. The driver and front-seat passengers aged 16 or older can be fined up to $50 each for failure to buckle up.
  • Every occupant of a motor vehicle being operated by the holder of a Class-DJ Learner Permit, a Limited Class-DJ or Class-DJ Driver License must be restrained by a safety restraint.
  • Each passenger under age 16 must wear a seat belt or use an appropriate child safety restraint system. The restraint system must comply with the child height and weight recommendations determined by the manufacturer. Depending on the size of the child, the restraint system may be a safety seat or a booster seat used in combination with a lap and shoulder belt.
  • The driver must make sure that each passenger under age 16 obeys the law. The driver can be fined $25 to $100 and receive three driver license penalty points for each violation.
  • Seat belt use is not required in taxis, emergency vehicles, vehicles manufactured in 1964 or earlier or by passengers in buses other than school buses (seat belt use may be required by the school district).
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