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Williamson Orthodontics
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Williamson Orthodontics

Williamson Orthodontics is a private practice in Evans, Georgia. Dr. Williamson is the former Chairman of Orthodontics at Georgia Regents University. Dr. Williamson treats all types of Orthodontic problems ranging from the simplist of complications to the most severe and manages orthodontic care for patients locally and nationally.

D.D.S., M.S

Dr. Williamson is a private practice of orthodontics in Evans, Georgia and is past Chairman of Orthodontics at Georgia Regents University, Augusta. He is presently Clinical Associate Professor of Orthodontics and previously a Clinical Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery (Cranio-Facial Anomolies and Cleft Lip and Palate).

Dr. Williamson was the editor and publisher of the monthly journal Facial Orthopedics and Temporomandibular Arthrology. He has taught sequenced in office courses as well as conducting research in his facility in Evans, Georgia. He lectures internationally and has published over one hundred research papers related to temporomandibular disorders, muscle function and jaw growth. The use of diagnostic mounted model equilibration in making treatment decisions is a technique developed by Dr. Williamson and utilized by him routinely in difficult cases. Dr. Williamson treats all types of Orthodontic problems ranging from the simplist of complications to the most severe and has patients both locally as well as nationwide.


“I have had issues for years with my jaw. I had been to several doctors and dentists..years of clicking, popping jaw pain and headaches. I was given SO MANY medications and NONE of that helped. The pain and discomfort would come and go. I finally found the office of Williamson Orthodontics and he instantly gave me relief! The office staff was very knowledgeable, they made everything so easy on me. Dr. Williamson is AMAZING! He is the man to see for jaw issues and headaches! Call the office, you will NOT regret it! The website is very easy to use, the front desk staff is very helpful and friendly!”


“I have worked with Dr. Williamson for more than a year now and have watched him work miracles on patients who come into the office with symptoms like headaches, ear, neck, jaw and shoulder pain. The mouth splints he makes for them to wear allow them to be pain free. Like myself, they have been misdiagnosed and medicated only to have reoccurring symptoms. I have had headaches day and night for the past few weeks and asked Dr. Williamson to examine me. I’m now wearing the same kind of mouth appliance he makes for patients and my headaches have subsided. I, like so many of his patients am SO GRATEFUL to Dr. Williamson.”

“Dr Williamson is one of the kindest most genuine people I’ve ever had the luck to come across! He knows his stuff and we feel like he’s family after 2 appointments! His understanding of the pain and decreased lifestyle due to jaw issues is priceless! He is very approachable and is a down-to-earth guy who REALLY CARES
about his patients!!!”


4250 Washington Road
Evans, GA 30809

Monday-Wednesday: 8:30 AM-4:00 PM

Thursday-Friday: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
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