Fort Gordon Community

Fort Gordon
Foldout Map

Foldout Map

2011-2012 Fort Gordon Foldout Map Changes:


1.        Photos needs to be changed (to reflect same photos used in the guidebook)

2.        Delete all references to 150th Signal Corps Anniversary Edition “Getting the message through” and 150th Logo.

3.        WELCOME should read:


Welcome to Fort Gordon and the Central Savannah River Area!  Fort Gordon is a large, multi-mission, multi-service military installation providing base services and support across a wide spectrum of training, operational, and Soldier sustainment needs.  The installation supports Army and Department of Defense organizations and activities performing regional and world-wide missions including communications training and operations, military intelligence, medical and dental care, force integration, and mobilization.  Fort Gordon is dedicated to increasing its own Army community’s involvement and the local civilian community’s involvement in day-to-day support operations.

Fort Gordon is a leader in every aspect of Augusta area activities. Fort Gordon is extremely proud of its successful community partnerships.

The installation is home to the U.S. Army Signal Regiment and host to a multi-service community of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and multinational forces and has become a center for joint forces activities, training and operations.

Fort Gordon is the largest employer in the C.S.R.A.  With a population of more than 15,000 military, nearly 8,000 civilians, 2,500 family members, and almost 74,000 other area residents served by Fort Gordon, we directly support close to 100,000 of the region’s population. Clearly, much of the installation’s annual economic impact of $2.6 billion goes directly into area shops, real estate, banks and other businesses.

Fort Gordon and the Central Savannah River Area are valued neighbors, trusted community partners and recognized leaders in city management and public administration, continuously improving both communities with quality facilities and excellent services. Fort Gordon has met the challenge of change by becoming a proactive and diverse community that welcomes partnerships with its innovative approaches to installation management.

By working together, everyone benefits by making Fort Gordon and the local communities one integrated, cooperative and caring community.

Whether you come to Fort Gordon to learn, to teach, to live or to work as a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, as a mission partner or to provide the vast support necessary to maintain a military post of this size, you will be a vital part of the installation and a valued member of the Central Savannah River Area community

4.        Use new legend (forwarded under separate cover)

5.        See map for placement of new and replaced buildings

6.        A-3:  Move “EST 2000/HEAT” as indicated

7.        A-3:  Add Marker 72 and add “TADSS” Building at Marker 72

8.        A-3:  Move Range Control building as indicated and add the word “HQS;” add Marker 74

9.        B-2:  Change name of Marker 70, FROM:  “Training Support Center Devices Facility” TO:  “TNG DIV/TSO/TSC FABRICATION”

10.   B-2:  Add “BOSS HQS” to BROWN HALL building (located at Barnes Ave and 19th Street)

11.    B-2:  Add a building where indicated (near 21ST Street) “TSC TADSS SCHEDULING;” add Marker 53

12.   C-2:  Delete the building for, and the words “TENNIS COURTS; ”add a building for “CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER WEST;” add Marker 39  

13.   C-2:  At the green space area, delete all markers and names for all baseball, soccer, softball, track, football, softball, basketball fields and concert site – ADD:  “SPORTS COMPLEX” to read across the green space

14.   C-2:  Delete Marker 4 (which did not designate a building/activity).  Delete 24th Street where indicated.  Delete B Street where indicated.  (All this area has been changed – it is located at  Barnes Avenue and 23rd Street on the map).

15.    D-2:  Move “SHELTON HALL” to a new building next to Marker 10

16.    D-2:  Add “SCHOOLS & SPT/LANDWARNET” to old “Shelton Hall” building

17.    D-2:  At the end of Barton Field Parade Grounds (east side near Rice Road), place the words “STAGE AREA”

18.   D-3:  Delete the 2 references to “BOSS HQ”


20.    D-4:  At the YCA building, add Marker 67

21.    E-2:  At Marker 42, place a line from the words “CREDIT UNION” to Marker 42

22.    E-3:  Before the words “CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER” add the word “MAIN,” add Marker 2.

23.    F-2:  Add “CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER EAST” and delete the “Softball Field,” add Marker 4.


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