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Fort Gordon Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Gordon WeatherFort Gordon Weather

Fort Gordon Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Yearning for weather that’s nice, like sugar and spice? You’ll find it when you and your family make a Permanent Change of Station to Fort Gordon. This installation — which hosts the United States Army Signal Corps, United States Army Cyber Corps, and Cyber Center of Excellence — is just southwest of Augusta, Georgia, home of the famous Master’s Tournament of golf and hometown of the “Godfather of Soul,” singer James Brown.

Adapting a lyric from one of Brown’s biggest hits, the city’s motto is “We Feel Good” — a phrase that can also apply to most of Augusta’s temperatures throughout the year. Though you may experience some funky summer humidity, the right clothing and gear can help you have a good time whatever the weather.

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Seasonal Temperatures

The region around Georgia’s Augusta-Richmond County is like much of the rest of The Peach State: a humid, subtropical climate with warm, humid summers; short, mild winters; and a wide temperature variation throughout the year. There are more than 200 sunny days annually, but many of those are muggy. Monthly daily average temperatures range from 45 degrees in January to 82 degrees in July. Each year, there are about 50 nights when temps dip down to freezing and about 80 days hotter than 90 degrees. You can usually count the days reaching 100 degrees on one hand, but you’ll remember them. Because the city is at such a low elevation, it rarely gets snowfall, unlike Atlanta, about 140 miles west. Instead, your new home may get hit by freezing rain, which comes with its own complications.

Fort Gordon Weather Hazards

Weather Hazards

Because climate conditions can sometimes become dangerous at Fort Gordon, weather alerts — and any closures they may cause — will be communicated through the Alert! Mass Warning Notification System. Registering with Alert! MWNS isn’t optional, so be sure the Emergency Management Office at Fort Gordon, Building 33720, Room 300, has your updated personal contact info. Local messages could include alerts about hazardous road conditions, reporting delays, and post closures due to severe weather.

The following are examples of what you can expect each season:


High temps: Low 60s to upper 70s
Low temps: Mid 40 to mid 60s

A mix of sun and rain brings a burst of green to the region. Clothing worn in layers will allow you to choose just the right amount of comfort, as temperatures fluctuate throughout each day. The area receives about 46 inches of rain annually, with a surprising amount falling in February and March. High winds, thunderstorms, and tornadoes can be a concern during this season into summer. Follow emergency weather warnings and seek appropriate shelter when advised.


High temps: Mid 70s to low 90s
Low temps: Upper 60s

Get up and get ready for a muggy Georgia summer. The daily chance for precipitation peaks in late July at almost 50 percent. It’s about then that a trip to Fort Gordon’s Leitner Lake Recreation Complex, with its fishing, camping, and more, may take your mind off the heat and humidity. Hydrate before you feel thirsty, and choose lighter fabrics and colors to stay as cool as possible. Don’t forget sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Georgia’s hurricane season begins June 1 and lingers to November; flash floods can also be a concern in the summer. Watch your local media for storm precautions and warnings. You can find the latest weather observations across Georgia at the National Weather Service website too.

Fort Gordon Weather in the Fall


High temps: Low 70s to mid 80s
Low temps: Low 50s to mid 60s

As autumn approaches, lower temps and less humidity bring welcome relief to anyone outdoors. Cloud coverage remains present though, with late October seeing a 66 percent chance for gray skies. Mornings and evenings again call for jackets and layers that can be shed if needed during a surprise Indian Summer day.


High temps: High 50s to mid 70s
Low temps: Mid 30s to high 40s

Though this season is relatively short, clouds are persistent, and the threat of rainfall continues. Thankfully, temperatures decline, making for more pleasant days and evenings. Winds, which drop off in late summer and early fall, return. Cozy caps, wool socks, and layers of fleece will help keep you warm in the cold mornings and nights. Don’t forget to winterize your home and vehicle too. Find tips for dealing with a multitude of weather emergencies at the official state website for Ready Georgia.

Field and Training Expectations Year-round

Field and Training Expectations Year-round

Soldiers at Fort Gordon can expect to train in a variety of weather conditions. Therefore, a range of uniforms and clothing is important to remain healthy and effective, whether aiming a weapon on a live-fire range in February or staking a tent in field training in July. It’s imperative during warmer months that you stay hydrated and safe from heat-related emergencies such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat/sun stroke.

Where to Find Gear at Fort Gordon

Whether this is the first time you’ve moved your whole wardrobe or you’ve moved so many times this is old hat, you’ll find plenty of options to pick up clothing and accessories that complement Georgia’s climate.

Military Clothing

You can always find certified apparel at Fort Gordon’s Military Clothing shop, Building 38200. Alterations and dry cleaning are available at the Exchange Mall Complex.

Leadership will issue announcements on which combat, service, and fitness uniforms are appropriate for each season.

Main Exchange

Fort Gordon’s Main Exchange is in Building 38200 on Third Avenue. Each season will bring a variety of new casual clothes for purchase.

Fort Gordon Thrift Shop

Fort Gordon Thrift Shop

Operated by the Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club, the Fort Gordon Thrift Shop is a valuable resource for the newly relocated. In Building 39102, it sells gently used housewares, furniture, clothing, shoes, baby items, military uniforms and all the accessories and gear that go with them. Find you’ve outgrown some sizes or styles? The shop gladly accepts consignments for clean items in good condition.

Discount retailers, consignment shops, and thrift stores in nearby Augusta and Grovetown, Georgia, can also help fill holes in your wardrobe as you build a complete closet.

Recreation Equipment Rentals

Whatever the season, there’s gear near to help you enjoy the great outdoors. Visit the Fort Gordon Outdoor Equipment Checkout in Building 00445, Carter Road. From camp stoves and tents, bicycles to kayaks, dunk tanks to bounce houses, everything you need to keep you busy outside during downtime is within easy access. Visit the center’s page on the Fort Gordon Family and MWR website to view daily and three-day rental rates.

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Fort Gordon Weather


With preparation and adaptation, there’s no weather you can’t handle at your new home. Use our tips listed above and check the installation’s Facebook and Twitter pages to get in the groove with Fort Gordon’s forecasts.


The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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