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The Cyber Center of Excellence is the U.S. Army’s force modernization proponent for cyberspace operations, signal/communications networks and information services, and electronic warfare. It is responsible for developing related doctrine, organizational, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facility solutions. A major aspect of the center’s mission is the training, education and development of world-class, highly skilled signal, cyber and electronic warfare professionals supporting operations at the strategic, operational and tactical level. Today’s broad and rapidly changing global operational environment means the DOD and the nation are required to function within an increasingly competitive, congested and contested cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum. Ultimately, the center must enable the commanders and leaders to seize, retain and exploit freedom of action in both the land and cyberspace domains, while simultaneously denying and degrading the adversary use of the same.


The 7th Signal Command was activated at Fort Gordon in July 2008. The command is responsible for the integration, security and defense of the Army LandWarNet within the continental U.S. The command is designed to extend LandWarNet capabilities to generating and operating forces in support of CONUS-based information-enabled expeditionary operations.


Training is the primary mission of the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade. The mission is as diverse as the personnel who train therein and the equipment that they learn to install, operate and maintain. The brigade conducts world-class training to produce expeditionary signal and ordnance warriors with full-spectrum competencies who live the Soldier’s Creed. It provides tough and realistic training in a contemporary operating environment that focuses on tactical and technical skills, knowledge and abilities.


The 35th Signal Brigade is a subordinate element of the XVIII Airborne Corps. The brigade rapidly deploys worldwide to provide and protect expeditionary C4 systems and networks for the Army service component commanders and combatant commanders, as well as joint task force and coalition headquarters, to enable joint and combined battle command across the full spectrum of network-centric operations and warfare.


The 359th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade exercises command and control over Army Reserve soldiers in six states. The brigade has a distinguished history dating to 1944 when it served admirably in Brazil and was decorated with the Meritorious Unit Commendation Award for its accomplishments.


The 116th Military Intelligence Brigade conducts 24/7 tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, dissemination and feedback operations of multiple organic and joint intelligence aerial-intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions collected in overseas contingency areas of operation.


The 513th Military Intelligence Brigade’s mission is to conduct intelligence in support of U.S. Army Central full-spectrum operations in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility to defeat adversaries, promote regional stability, support allies and protect U.S. national interests.


The 706th Military Intelligence Group conducts continuous full-spectrum signals intelligence and computer network operations at National Security Agency/Central Security Service – Georgia to gain information dominance in support of national, combined, joint and Army decision-makers and to shape future Army intelligence capabilities.


The Air Force’s 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group conducts real-time tactical and national intelligence collection, exploitation, analysis and reporting operations. The group provides cryptologic products and services to warfighters and decision-makers operating in, or concerned with, the U.S. Central Command, U.S. European Command, U.S. Africa Command and U.S. Special Operations Command areas of responsibility. The group also conducts Air Force National Tactical Integration and Tactics Analysis Studies Element missions for the 609th Air and Space Operations Center. The group is the Air Force component of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service – Georgia.


Navy Information Operations Command, Georgia was originally commissioned as Naval Security Group Activity, Fort Gordon. This organization was commissioned Nov. 1, 1995, at Fort Gordon to perform Naval Security Group-related functions. Specifically, it provided operational cryptologic personnel to support the Fort Gordon Regional Security Operations Center. In summer 2005, the security operations center was renamed the National Security Agency/Central Security Service — Georgia. National Security Agency/Central Security Service — Georgia serves as a joint service facility established by the director of the National Security Agency to conduct continuous security operations in support of national and warfighter intelligence requirements.

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