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Workforce Solutions Central Texas
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Services for a wide range of people including:

Exiting military
Military spouses
Adults who have left employment to accompany a military service member to Ft. Hood.
Those laid off from Ft. Hood.
Services include:

Career counseling and assessments
Funding to attend college for training in jobs that are in demand by local employers
Assistance with childcare, transportation and work related expenses, such as special uniforms
One-on-one staff support during training
Assistance with fees for health certifcates, licensing and other work related expenses
Additional services:

Access to experts who can help you improve your match to local jobs
Local information on wages, jobs that are in demand, and employers who are hiring
Assistance with resume preparation, interviewing, dress for success, etc.
Business start-up assistance and business counseling
Let us put our resources to work for you. Contact us at Central Texas Workforce Center in Killeen or Temple.