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Fort Hood Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Hood WeatherFort Hood Weather

Fort Hood Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Now that you’ve gotten your PCS orders to Fort Hood, you may be wondering what you’ll need to pack to prepare for the climate. If you’re moving from Southern California, for instance, you may not even own a rain jacket!

Here is a quick article to give you an expectation of the weather in your new home to plan for both home living and to prepare yourself for time in the field.

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Seasonal Temperatures

Just an hour north of Austin, TX, the region around Fort Hood is cold and windy in the winter and hot and muggy in the summer with lots of cloudy days and a good chance of rain (at least 25%) on any given day throughout the year. Hot and humid summers are a challenge for anyone and take time to get acclimated to. If you enjoy exercising outdoors, you’ll want to make sure you stay well hydrated and ease into your routine even if you’re very fit. Constant humidity makes every activity a sweaty one so you’ll likely learn to enjoy cold showers.


High temps: Low to mid 80s
Low temps: Low 50s

As winter gives way to spring, the beginning of the season will be in a comfortable range of 50-70 degrees. By the end of spring, the days will range from around 65 to nearly 90 degrees. The humidity steadily creeps higher with the temperature as summer approaches so light and breathable clothes in layers is your best bet to stay comfortable. The spring also tends to be the rainiest time so those May flowers should come in nicely.

Fort Hood Weather in the Summer


High temps: Mid 90s to Low 100s
Low temps: Mid 70s

Summers in Fort Hood are hot and humid. Be sure to stay hydrated to avoid heat injuries in the field and seek shade. When training, a wide brimmed field hat or “boonie” will keep your face and neck shaded, and keeping your uniform loose and your cuffs open can help vent body heat and prevent heat injuries.

During late summer days, the heat begins to really take hold by noon and remains high until nearly midnight. Sundown will bring some relief, but you’ll want to invest in a good air conditioning system or swamp cooler. Light and breathable or moisture wicking clothes will help you stay cool.

Note: Dehydration and heatstroke can become problems for personnel training or for anyone exercising outside so plan accordingly.

For up-to-date Fort Hood heat categories visit Fort Hood’s weather station page for up to date information and predictions.


High temps: Mid to high 70s
Low temps: Low to high 40s

As the kids go back to school in the fall, the temperatures fall quickly to a much more comfortable range. At the start of September, the temperature will occasionally creep up to 90 degrees in the afternoon but by November, highs will be in the low to mid 70s with mornings as brisk as mid to high 40s. With mornings quite chilly and afternoons fairly comfortable, be sure to take a light jacket with you when you go out.

Fall also happens to be tornado season in Texas. Warnings and advisories can be found on the post’s weather station site.

Fort Hood Weather in the Winter


High temps: Low to mid 60s
Low temps: Low to mid 40s

The winter is cold, gray, and windy in Fort Hood with average temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to the mid 60s. Winds increase towards spring and can be stiff all day so a shell or windbreaker type jacket over warm layers will keep you more comfortable than a sweater or cloth jacket.

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

From the sweltering sun and humidity of summer to the cold winds of winter, Fort Hood experiences a wide range of weather. But the Army rolls along despite weather. Ensure you have been issued the appropriate field equipment to support all types of weather. Packing for the field is best done by packing layers that one can shed as the day warms up and a GoreTex shell to ward off the bite of the wind or rain. Be sure to pack extra underwear and socks during the summer months as the humidity can make it difficult to dry out and staying dry will keep your body healthy, not to mention help your morale.

Where to Find Gear at Fort Hood

If you are just starting out your military career or moving from a place with a very temperate climate, you may not have a lot of gear for the varying weather of Fort Hood. There are plenty of places to grab rain jackets, windbreakers, warming layers, and hot weather clothing both on and off post. Community services on post have equipment rentals for outdoor activities so you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a camping trip or outdoor event.

Fort Hood Military Clothing

Fort Hood Military Clothing

If you need a uniform or were issued items for training, you can pick them up at the AAFES Military Clothing store in Building 50004 Clear Creek Road. Your unit will inform you of the appropriate uniforms and equipment for the season.

Recreation Equipment Checkout Center

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor equipment or are interested in trying a new hobby before investing, check out the Recreation Equipment Checkout Center, Building 4930 Clear Creek Road. This is a great option to rent equipment cheaply so you can enjoy outdoor activities without having to spend a fortune. You can rent everything from camping equipment, mountain bikes, boats, grills, tents for outdoor parties, and more.

Fort Hood Weather


Always know before you go. Whenever headed somewhere new or heading out for training it’s a good idea to plan ahead and that includes researching weather. We hope this quick guide helps you prepare for your move so you can be comfortable at your new post. You can also check the latest Fort Hood weather forecasts and other related announcements at the official Weather page for Fort Hood.


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