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I believe in building relationships, not performing transactions. I approach my work in real estate with integrity, expertise, commitment, and an unwavering work ethic. From the first friendly encounter to personalized service that meets each client’s needs (and even beyond the final sale), I’m always in their corner. I believe that every sale is personal and that every client should receive nothing short of my best work. When I say I specialize in personalization, that isn’t simply lip service. I recently had the affirming experience of working with a first-time homebuyer who needed a little more guidance than I imagine most agents would give him. I repaid his exuberance and positive attitude in kind, and felt honored that I was able to help him fulfilling his dreams. Moments like that are what I strive to replicate with every client. It proves that there truly are no strangers in life—only friends we haven’t met yet. I’m proud to work in Sierra Vista. It truly is an All-American community with a hometown atmosphere and a wonderfully diverse composition of people from all walks of life. I love the vibrant feel of its small town hustle and bustle, as well as its proximity to Fort Huachuca, which keeps us close to our patriotic roots. Go Army! As your REALTOR®, I’m sure I can find the right spot here for you. As a former biologist and environmental scientist, I have a deep-seated love of the outdoors. From hiking, biking, and diving to beachcombing, birdwatching, and identifying wildlife, I feel most alive when I immerse myself in nature’s splendor. I also enjoy travel and feel blessed to have seen much of the world and the beautifully diverse people that populate it. In my spare time, I like to give service, whether it’s to a client, a co-worker, or a shelter. Compassion for others and gratitude for what I have are key components of my lifestyle. Although achievement is often viewed in sales volume, awards, and those acronyms we attach to our names, nothing compares to the many unique and special stories that unfold during a real estate relationship. The real accomplishment is in the stories we fulfill. Please accept my gratitude for considering me as your REALTOR®, and know that it would be my honor to be your companion on your journey to buy or sell a home.

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