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Fort Indiantown Gap is home to the 193rd Regional Support Group of the 193rd Special Operations Wing.

The 148th Air Support Operations Squadron provides combat-ready tactical air control parties for combat maneuver units of the 28th Infantry Division, including the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Its primary job is to provide mission planning of direct combat air support and operate and supervise communications nets to support Air Force air resources and Army ground maneuver units.

The 201st RED HORSE Squadron supports combat air power and provides commander in chiefs and federal and state authorities a flexible, well-rounded heavy construction and repair capability any time, at any location.

The 203rd Weather Flight is a small, elite unit that analyzes and predicts atmospheric conditions for pilots, war planners and decision-makers.

The mission of the 211th Engineering Installation Squadron is to engineer, install and relocate fixed command, control, communications and computer (C4) systems in facilities. Bollen Air-to-Ground Weapons Range, Detachment 1, provides a quality, realistic, tactical range environment for air-to-ground, airdrop and Joint Terminal Attack Controller training to ensure the combat readiness of flying units throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

The 271st Combat Communications Squadron’s mission is to deploy, operate and maintain tactical communications packages in support of Air Force missions worldwide, as well as civil and disaster-relief missions within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The 271st CBCS can provide command and control satellite nets, intrasite telephone services, data services, tactical switchboards, communications center operations, and network and multisite voice communications.

The Air National Guard Band of the Northeast is assigned to the dual missions of supporting regional Air National Guard units through performances in ceremonies, activities and recruiting tours; and public relations concert tours for the Air National Guard and the “Total Air Force.”

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