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Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Ft Indiantown Gap Training Opportunities


Fort Indiantown Gap is the nation’s premier National Guard Training facility. With our numerous training ranges and facilities, we offer unparalleled full-spectrum combat training opportunities for Combat Arms, Combat Support and Combat Service Support units. We remain the only National Guard installation in the country to successfully integrate live, virtual and constructive gaming into a training package for assured success.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding, commander-centric customer service. As the “Warrior Training Grounds,” we are not successful until your training event is. Additional training opportunities are available through our tenant organizations. Please see the section on Tenant Training Organizations for more information.

Call FTIG Range Scheduling at 717-861-2204 for a training consultation. Our training design team is one of the best in the National Guard and the nation; our mission is to support you in meeting your commander’s intent and maximizing your training time in the high-OPTEMPO contemporary operating environment.


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