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Urban and Collective Training Sites

Urban and Collective Training Sites

Ft Indiantown Gap Training Opportunities Urban and Collective Training Site


All sites at Fort Indiantown Gap are designed to closely replicate conditions and effects on the battlefield to create realistic, intense, stressful and challenging training scenarios. All of the facilities lend themselves for military use or for training law enforcement and emergency responders. Units may schedule ranges by calling one of the training professionals at FTIG Range Scheduling at 717-861-2209 or through RFMSS at

Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF), Range 30

The CACTF offers a unique training opportunity for units looking to sharpen their skills on entering, clearing and controlling multiple buildings at once. The facility is designed to provide a realistic, responsive and flexible training environment and is ideal for combined asset training opportunities such as infantry or engineer with aviation support. Fast roping from helicopters is permitted and an LZ is on-site.

The CACTF is composed of a 1-square-kilometer, complete urban environment, including a road network, 12 buildings, tunnels and sewer systems. Capabilities include low-light cameras, Human Urban Targets (HUT), sound effects, external lighting, external cameras, break-away doors and line hookups on buildings for rappelling. Simulated munitions such as pyrotechnics, CCMCK, blanks and demo munitions are approved for use. A full-time designated staff is available to support your training event.

The CACTF was created to allow for rapid AARs to improve war-fighting techniques. A complete AAR facility is on-site.

Virtual training for combat teams in combined arms operations can be done using a simulated urban environment in VBS3 which contains a digital version of the CACTF within the system; please see the section on Virtual Training for more details.

Tactical Training Base (TTB)

In addition to preparing Soldiers for living conditions, the TTB may be used to train on a variety of base security operations such as entry point control and traffic flow.

C-IED Home Station Training Lane (C-IED HSTL), Range 39, Combat Outpost (COP), IED/DIVIL

Constructed to conduct decisive action improvised explosive device operations up to company level, the IED-D HSTL provides a training area where units can learn their individual, leader and collective tasks. The lane is staffed by members of the Counter IED Integration Cell (CI2C), whose purpose is to synchronize, coordinate and integrate material and nonmaterial C-IED initiatives and enablers to prepare units for unified land operation through decisive actions. The lane incorporates all three categories of IEDs, victim operated, command and timed, ranging from the basic Pressure Plate IED (PPIED) to the Vehicle Borne IED (VBIED).

The lane consists of 2.5 miles of improved road construction, numerous disabled vehicles, two traffic circles and one overpass. In addition, several markets, a mosque, three village complexes, a helicopter landing zone and homemade explosive (HME) lab are available to enhance and provide realism to the units’ training scenarios. A variety of simulated ammunition is available for use on the range, including short-range training ammunition and IED effects simulators. Units can coordinate for the setup and use of the Dismounted IED Visual Indicator Lane (DIVIL) and the homemade explosive display, which displays examples of IED components and indicators that may be encountered.

Range 39 is also replicated in VBS3 to provide units the opportunity to run virtual rehearsals prior to conducting live missions. Training on driver training and convoy operations is available with the Common Driver Trainer and the Operator Driver Simulator. Please see the section on Virtual Training for more details.

Live Fire Breach Exercise Facility (LFBEF), Range 33

The Live Fire Breach Exercise Facility was completed in 2010. The facility is designed to train military personnel and civilians on the technical aspects of breaching techniques and provide immediate feedback. The facility is configured into three different sections that facilitate window breaching, door breaching and demolition of concrete or brick structures. Units can train on mechanical breaching, ballistic breaching, explosive breaching and thermal breaching.

Live Fire Infantry Squad Battle Course (ISBC), Range 34

The challenging 1,000-meter course is designed to allow units to customize their start point and scheme of maneuver depending on their training needs. Features include landing zones, moving armor target, moving infantry targets, trench obstacles, stationary armor targets, stationary infantry targets and machine gun/observation bunkers (with sound effects simulator). All targets are fully automated.

Virtual training on techniques and procedures during squad offensive operations can be done using VBS3. Additional virtual weapon training is available using the EST. Please see the section on Virtual Training for more information.

Live Fire Shoot House, Range 32

Designed to train on live-fire, room- and building-clearing techniques, this two-story enclosed shoot house has 10 rooms and is capable of supporting dry, blank and live-fire training. The facility is completely interactive, reconfigurable and customizable with cameras, microphones, movable walls, programmable HUTs and speakers to broadcast battlefield effects. The facility has a complete AAR theater with live video feed and recording capabilities allowing for on-the-spot corrections and technique improvement. Contractors can produce an edited take-home DVD of the training.

Structure Collapse Site

Constructed in 2014, this unique site supports training for search and rescue in disaster situations. It is specially constructed to simulate the challenges that recovery crews will face in the real world. Crews can breach concrete with saws to extract victims and even rappel down a destroyed elevator shaft to seek out casualties trapped in the rubble. This is an excellent training site for Homeland Response Force teams and other emergency rescue personnel. The site incorporates all the features that are required for collapsed structure training and has several enhancements such as school buses and silos and shafts for conducting confined space operations. Our facility is one of the largest of its kind in the nation and will provide units with unique and challenging training opportunities.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and Homemade Explosive (HME) Display

Located inside the Combat Out-Post (COP) in TA-C04, FTIG’s HME display increases Soldier awareness in the identification and recognition of the IED and HME threat. Soldiers are exposed to a variety of IEDs and the indicators that might give the warning that an IED is in the area. In addition to the IED, there is a hands-on portion to allow Soldiers to see what material solutions the Army is resourcing to combat the threat of IEDs and detect the precursors of HME.

Urban Assault Course Range 31

This course is designed to train Soldiers in squad- and platoon-sized elements in urban fighting techniques. The 28-acre facility consists of five stations:

  • Individual and team trainer.
  • Squad and platoon trainer.
  • Grenadier gunnery range.
  • Urban offense and defense building.
  • An underground trainer.

Rappelling is allowed on Station 4. Force-on-force use is permitted. HUTs are available for use.

Virtual training for small teams and platoon elements in urban tactics can be done using VBS3; additional training on shoot/don’t shoot scenarios can be done on the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST). Please see the section on Virtual Training for more details.

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