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Welcome to Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, Warrior Training Grounds. The Fort Indiantown Gap team hopes that you find this guide useful in learning about what “the Gap” provides to our nation’s war fighters.

Fort Indiantown Gap is a world-class, commander-centric, combat-focused installation. Our primary focus is supporting the commander as they prepare their unit for whatever mission they have been assigned, overseas or domestically. Fort Indiantown Gap is one of the busiest National Guard training sites in the country, training more than 100,000 troops each year. The installation serves as a pre-deployment training site for all branches of our military as they prepare for a variety of operating environments, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Africa, as well as preparing for our homeland defense mission. Our commitment to training support excellence is also extended to law enforcement professionals and other government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Fort Indiantown Gap provides training support ranging from individual warrior tasks through brigade-level collective training exercises, leveraging the most current training strategies and doctrine. The Army has made a multimillion-dollar investment in Fort Indiantown Gap over the last decade, upgrading and expanding our range complex by integrating the latest technology in our ranges and facilities.

The Fort Indiantown Gap Range Complex includes small-arms ranges, machine gun ranges, indirect fires systems and vehicle-mounted weapons systems. Fort Indiantown Gap also offers commanders opportunities to train on their traditional full-spectrum METL as well as the COIN tasks of the contemporary urban battlefield. The Fort Indiantown Gap team has dedicated itself to capitalizing on this investment and creating the best training experience possible for units honing their tactical skills at the installation. Fort Indiantown Gap is committed to training future warriors and is continuing to work toward meeting the needs of our military with the construction or upgrade of several new or existing ranges and facilities in the coming years.

Fort Indiantown Gap provides exceptional training support while remaining good stewards of our environment. Fort Indiantown Gap has consistently been recognized for its efforts to maintain that critical balance between providing exceptional training support and implementing the best practices aimed at preserving the natural beauty and delicate ecosystems found here on our installation. Our environmental team has received numerous DOD, Army and National Guard Bureau awards for environmental stewardship.

The Fort Indiantown Gap Team is committed to assisting you with your training needs and providing your unit with the world-class training experience that our nation’s warriors deserve. Please call 717-861-2209 or DSN 491-2209 for more information on our installation and scheduling your training.


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