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10 BEB Soldier excels in tasks, gunnery skills

10 BEB Soldier excels in tasks, gunnery skills

Story by Patrick Young on 09/13/2019

Story by 2nd Lt. Jordan Kelley,

Pfc. Coy Hunt from Company A, 10th Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division continues to show excellent skill and promise as a future expert during gunnery in May and August 2019 on Fort Stewart.

His unit conducted Gunnery Qualification Tables III through VI in mid-May, and then again in early August to ensure full unit qualification for the unit’s upcoming rotation through the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California in the spring. Gunnery is a crucial training event as it verified the lethality and effectiveness of a unit’s M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle crews.

Gunnery is scored out of 1000 points. A score of 900 points and above earns the Distinguished Qualification. Scoring above 800 points earns the Superior Qualification, and anything above 700 points is a qualified crew.
Crews can be qualified Q-1, as a first time go, or Q-2 as second time go. Additionally, a unit can earn the Lethality streamer if all of their crews qualify Q-1, as it is a training goal for Bradley crews.

Hunt, a 19 year old from Texas, joined the Army in July of 2019, and has already shown much potential for a bright and successful career. Hunt started as a Bradley driver for Staff Sgt. Jefry Mills, the Bradley commander, and Spc. Kody Keppler, his gunner in May.

The Bradley crew earned the Distinguished Qualification title during gunnery in May, shooting a score of 967. Hunt was then selected to fill the role of Gunner.
“Hunt is one of about five gunners in the entire brigade that is a private first class, it is a more advanced position,” said 1st Sgt. Levon Sains, the senior enlisted leader for Co. A.

“We thought he was responsible and saw a lot of potential in him” Mills said. Mills said.
As the Gunner for his Bradley crew, during the gunnery training in August, Hunt qualified with a Q1, earning 716 points. Although not as prestigious as the Distinguished Qualification, Hunt’s ability to perform at that level, where he qualified first time go, during his first qualification as a gunner, shows his skills and potential for future success.

“Hunt wants to go to the Ranger Assessment Selection Program and has a lot of potential, he’s a great soldier,” said Staff Sgt. Edwin Davis, Hunt’s current squad leader. ” Usually gunners for a Bradley have to be a specialist or higher, Hunt is one of approximately five privates first class that are gunners in the whole brigade.”

Hunt has many aspirations for his future in the Army, but is looking forward to more shooting in the future, at larger training events.

“The change happened because both Mills and Keppler were leaving and they wanted to create a crew that had longevity in order to prepare and shoot through NTC, and future deployments,” said Hunt “I really enjoy being the gunner on a Bradley fighting vehicle, and look forward to the opportunities to shoot more in the future.”

Hunt won 10BEB’s July Soldier of the Month board and continues to show great potential. The Soldiers and leaders of Co. A hope that Hunt’s example of “not letting rank define what you are capable of,” will inspire other soldiers in the company.

Hunt’s unit is also currently preparing for brigade-level training in October when he can once again show is tactical skills and assist maneuver battalions in the field.

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