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Welcome to the National Training Center and Fort Irwin, and congratulations on your selection for this challenging assignment! Since 1940 the high desert of the Mojave has provided the backdrop for tough, realistic training that is critical to the success of America’s Army and the security of the Nation. Our location in Southern California facilitates the best training capability in the world, and provides Soldiers and Families numerous opportunities to take advantage of during their off time.

Fort Irwin has a world-class community and is an assignment of choice. During your tour at Fort Irwin you can focus on your personal, professional, and family life while contributing to the development and professionalism of the Army. On post, Fort Irwin has something for everyone: excellent schools, modern privatized housing, restaurants and shopping. Fort Irwin has new barracks, modernized Child Development Centers, a Samuel Adams Grill, multiple community parks and pavilions, and a new community garden.

Information for newcomers is readily available online at: Fort Irwin is also on Facebook at “National Training Center/Fort Irwin.”

Fort Irwin is located approximately 37 miles northeast of Barstow, Calif., midway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The nearest airports are located in Ontario, Calif. (120 miles), Los Angeles (175 miles) and Las Vegas (180 miles). Because of the distance to the airports, it is highly recommended that Soldiers arrive to Fort Irwin with a privately owned vehicle. Another option for transportation from the airport to the post is a Greyhound Bus that will bring you to Barstow and then you can contact the AG Replacement at (760) 380-4747/3006 for transportation from Barstow to Fort Irwin. Link to the Greyhound Bus schedule is:

All Soldiers must report to the NTC Replacement Detachment at the Reception Campus at Building 109 to begin in-processing. The Replacement Detachment is open 24 hours daily. While in-processing lodging is provided for unaccompanied SGT’s and below at the Replacement Detachment. Temporary lodging on post is available at the Landmark Inn (760) 386-4040, or there are several hotel options in Barstow.

The Villages (Pinnacle Housing office) accepts advanced applications for housing prior to arrival at Fort Irwin. For applications and information on assignments, wait lists procedures, floor plans, and policies contact The Villages at (888)
828-4144 or visit their website at:

Because of our remote and isolated location, we view sponsorship of you and your family as an important part of your successful relocation to Fort Irwin. It is highly recommended that every Soldier request a sponsor and make contact with that sponsor prior to arriving at Fort Irwin. In order to better assist you with your relocation, we ask if you do not have a sponsor, send an e-mail to:, and ensure you provide your rank and full name, last four of SSN, BR/MOS, e-mail address and projected report date. The NTC G1 Strength Management Section will promptly respond and forward the request to the gaining Unit S1 for sponsorship assignment.

The sponsorship program is designed to assist Soldiers, Families and civilian employees to successfully relocate into and out of their commands. At Fort Irwin, we understand that relocation can be mentally and emotionally demanding, expensive and time consuming. We are here to assist you and to ensure your move to Fort Irwin is simple.

If you have any questions regarding your transition to the National Training Center and Fort Irwin, please contact the Replacement Detachment at (760) 380-9095/4747/3006; DSN (312) 470-9095/4747/3006.

The Landmark Inn at (760) 386-4040, is the only hotel on post. Hotel and motel lodging is also available in the Barstow area. The Barstow Chamber of Commerce website,, provides additional information. The Replacement Detachment provides temporary lodging for unaccompanied Soldiers E1-E6 (only) during the in-processing cycle (2-5 days).

Fort Irwin has an on-post kennel called Sgt. Fuzzbuddy’s, which can provide pet boarding while waiting for housing arrangements. For more information on pricing and other requirements please call (760) 380-7387.
Fort Irwin does not have a mobile park, but it does have an RV site. Contact Outdoor Recreation for more information at (760) 380-3434.

Medical services are offered at Mary E. Walker Clinic and the Weed Army Community Hospital, which offers modern facilities with outstanding care. For more information call toll free (866) 460-5305.

Soldiers with Exceptional Family Members should contact the Fort Irwin EFMP Program Manager at (760) 380-3698, DSN (312) 470-3698 before arriving to Fort Irwin. Families not enrolled in EFMP but who have special medical or educational needs should contact their local Army Community Service EFMP manager.

There are two child development centers located on Fort Irwin. For more information call Happy Hearts at (760) 380-1253 or Cactus Corner at (760) 380-9441.

Schools on post are part of the California public schools system and are in the Silver Valley District. For more information visit

The Relocation Readiness Program provides information, guidance and assistance to help minimize the impact on Families during PCS and ETS moves, or Soldier unaccompanied tours. The Relocation Readiness Program office is located at the Reception Campus, Building 109, and can be reached by calling (760) 380-3598. The following are some of the services provided by the program:
Relocation Welcome Packets
We provide moving packages that include information about Army Community Service and resources available on Fort Irwin. Off-post information provided includes: phone numbers, maps, school listings, church listings and “things-to-do,” to name a few.

Lending Closet
We offer temporary household goods to single Soldiers and to Families who are arriving to or departing from Fort Irwin. A Department of Defense ID card is required. The following are some of the items that are available: pots, pans, dishes, glasses, infant and toddler car seats, portable baby play pens and strollers, irons and ironing boards, crock pots and electric skillets, coffee makers and alarm clocks, folding tables and chairs, and much more.


All animals that are kept as pets on post must be registered with the post veterinary services. For dogs and cats there is a mandatory microchipping policy. The chip carries a number which acts as an electronic I.D. tag which can be traced back to the owner. Either Avid brand or Home Again brand chips are acceptable. This policy is the result of the immense stray animal problem on post.

If your pet already has a microchip, please bring the following information to the Veterinary Clinic during normal business hours to register your pet: microchip number, vaccine history and patient records, and your military ID card.

If you do not have a microchip, please set up an appointment and bring the above information.

All active-duty military personnel and DA civilian employees who ride motorcycles on the installation must bring a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic or Experienced Rider Course SM card and have the “M” endorsement on your driver’s license. Privately owned firearms stored on the installation (whether in on-post quarters or in arms rooms) must be registered. Registration must be completed within three days of reporting to Fort Irwin or within three days of acquiring the weapon. Registration of the weapon does not replace or relieve individuals of their responsibility to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding possession, purchase, sale, transfer, and transport of weapons.

Weapons registration can be completed at the Visitor Center or the Police Station in Building 326. Phone: (760) 380-2707.



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