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Army Community Service

Army Community Service, at 9810 Lee Road, offers a comprehensive array of programs and services dedicated to maintaining the readiness of Soldiers, families and communities by fostering self-reliance, resilience and stability. It is the commander’s principle family readiness agency, providing comprehensive, coordinated and responsive services that support readiness of Soldiers, civilian employees and their families during peace and war.

The programs offered include:

• Employment readiness (job search assistance, employment skills and classes).
• The Exceptional Family Member Program (advocacy, direct assistance, respite care).
• Family advocacy (victim advocacy, new parent support and prevention classes).
• Financial readiness (emergency financial assistance, counseling, assistance with debt liquidation, consumer advocacy, consumer and financial classes).
• Mobilization and deployment readiness (classes, FRG support).
• Relocation readiness (lending closet, English as a second language classes and resources, immigration assistance, welcome packets, relocation assistance and classes).
• The Volunteer Corps (recruitment, training, placement and recognition of volunteers).
• Information and referral (key source of integrated information).
• Survivor outreach (advocate for survivors of active-duty fallen Soldiers, linking family members to on- and off-post programs and organizations, assistance with financial planning, advice, money management, education and advocacy).

ACS can be found on Facebook or on Fort Jackson FMWR website: or

For more information, call 803-751-5256 or 800-337-3445.

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