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Weapons Registration

Weapons Registration

Soldiers residing on Fort Jackson must register their weapons at Building 4297 within five working days of arrival. Affiliated personnel wishing to introduce a firearm on Fort Jackson for hunting or shooting events must register their weapons prior to introducing the weapons on the installation. All Soldiers and civilians working on Fort Jackson are required to fill out the FJ Form 190-11-100 under the unit/facility crime prevention program acknowledging the rules for privately owned weapons on Fort Jackson. Concealed carry is strictly prohibited on Fort Jackson.


Fort Jackson Regulation 190-11 prohibits keeping privately owned weapons in vehicles, even when properly secured, while at work or while attending to other business on the installation not directly related to authorized shooting activities on the installation. It is prohibited to store privately owned firearms in on-post housing unless the firearm is unloaded, ammunition is stored separately from the firearm in a locked container, and one of the following methods for firearms storage is employed: using a trigger locking device, storing the firearm in a locked container, removing the firing pin for the firearm and storing the firing pin a locked container, or disassembling the firearm and storing the disassembled parts in separate places. The keys to all locked containers and locking devices will be stored in a place not accessible to persons under 18 years of age.

If transporting a privately owned weapon in a vehicle, it must be done in a manner prescribed by the federal law and must be properly secured by ensuring the weapon is unloaded and that the ammunition is secured in a separate container of the vehicle. Pistols must be secured in the trunk compartment or glove box. If the vehicle does not have a trunk-type compartment, the firearm should be carried preferably in a separate, locked container (such as a gun case) and not in reach of the driver.

There are no storage facilities on Fort Jackson to hold privately owned weapons.

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