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Critical Care in Elizabethtown

At the office of Kamal Moulana, MD, our team of medical professionals provides exceptional medical care to adults across Elizabethtown, Kentucky and the surrounding area. Board certified with decades of combined experience, we specialize in several areas of internal medicine, including pulmonary medicine and hematology oncology. For specialized critical care and highly-attentive service, contact our medical professionals today!

Board Certified

Kamal Moulana, MD, is board certified and has several decades of internal medicine experience. Specializing in pulmonary services, our office provides specialized critical care for adults suffering from several respiratory and blood-related conditions.

Pulmonary Medicine

Pulmonary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with diseases affecting the lungs. Our medical team at the office of Kamal Moulana, MD, specializes in pulmonary medicine, and provides comprehensive care concerning the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention on all lung-related conditions.