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Ireland Army Health Clinic, at Building 851, 289 Ireland Ave., provides managed health care for eligible beneficiaries living on Fort Knox and in the surrounding communities. Accredited by the Joint Commission (formerly known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), the clinic operates five primary care clinics and a consolidated troop medical clinic, all of which are staffed by board-certified family practice physicians, flight surgeons, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Additional clinical services include, but are not limited to, pediatrics, optometry, dental, radiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, the chiropractic clinic and the pharmacy. The post also hosts an Army Wellness Center that provides preventive health education and testing.

IRAHC serves the Fort Knox community with primary and specialty care providers for Soldiers and Family members.

The mission of U.S. Army Medical Department Activity Fort Knox and IRAHC is to provide safe, high quality, timely and compassionate health care so it can enhance readiness, save lives and advance wellness to all patients entrusted to its care.

In addition to Kentucky, IRAHC’s area of responsibility, where it also provides quality health care and preventive services, includes Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Within this four-state area, the MEDDAC serves the active-duty population, many of whom are in isolated areas where they serve as recruiters and trainers.

Much of its beneficiary health care in all these areas is provided through the DOD’s health care program, TRICARE. TRICARE is the military health plan that allows active-duty Soldiers, retirees and their Family members access to health services even though they are not near a military treatment facility.

For more information on IRAHC’s facility and services, visit or the IRAHC Facebook page at


If you have a medical emergency — life-threatening injuries or illnesses or something that endangers life, limb or vision — please dial 911 immediately or visit the closest emergency room.

Beneficiaries with nonemergency conditions should call the central appointment number, (800) 493-9602, during the hours of 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for an appointment with their primary care provider. If the situation can’t wait, but it isn’t an emergency, beneficiaries can call for a same-day appointment in the extended hours clinic.

Please note: Because many beneficiaries live outside of the Fort Knox and Elizabethtown area, visit to find the location of local emergency rooms that may be closer to you, general directions and web links. An Acute Care or Immediate Care Clinic is available for minor illnesses such as colds, the flu, ear infections, sore throats, fevers, rashes, minor cuts, burns and sprains. This link also contains the location, general directions and web links for many of those.


Appointment Line: The IRAHC central appointment line is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for federal holidays. To make an appointment, call 800-493-9602. In the event of severe weather conditions, you may want to contact the appointment center to confirm or reschedule your appointment before coming to IRAHC

TRICARE Online: TRICARE Prime beneficiaries can also schedule their appointments with their primary care provider using TRICARE Online’s appointment feature at Appointments made online can be canceled, changed or confirmed on TOL.

TOL is the Military Health System Patient Portal. It is designed to provide online capabilities, tools and information for TRICARE beneficiaries.

Six good reasons to take advantage of using TOL:

  • You can book an appointment in the comfort of your own home. If a family member should get sick in the middle of the night or Sunday evening, you have that option to go online and book an appointment.
  • If you forget the date and time of your appointment, you can log on and verify that as well. Soldiers can print their own appointment slips to show to the commander if needed. You’ll have the option to cancel booked appointments.
  • You can use TOL to get prescriptions refilled and check the status of your prescription. You can request prescription refills from TRICARE via mail pharmacy.
  • It allows you to have access to your personal health records. Those who have a common access card are allowed access to the TOL personal health record application during the first phase of this initiative. The TOL personal health record application allows you, the MHS beneficiary, to securely access your most current electronic health record data that is stored in the clinical data repository.
  • It allows you to transfer your account to other military treatment facilities.
  • It allows you to cancel an appointment from home, or while you are out and on a smart phone, so someone who needs that appointment can get scheduled.


The Fort Knox Command and community is engaged in the overall commitment and concept of the Ready and Resilient Campaign, known as R2C, which guides the Army’s efforts in cultivating a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to health promotion and includes the efforts of the Army Health Promotion Program. R2C is a far-reaching and comprehensive campaign to enhance individual and collective resilience in order to improve readiness across the Total Army: Soldiers (active, National Guard and Reserve), Army civilians and Family members. Fort Knox takes pride in integrating and synchronizing Army programs aimed at health promotion and the multiple Army-wide efforts designed to improve physical, psychological and emotional health to enhance individual performance and increase overall unit readiness. Additional information regarding R2C and related resources may be accessed on the R2C website,, or by contacting the community Readiness and Resiliency integrator at (502) 624-7031.


The IRAHC Department of Behavioral Health is in Building 1480, off 12th Armored Division Avenue. It houses the Child and Family Behavioral Health System, the Family Advocacy Program, the Army Substance Abuse Program and the Behavioral Health Clinic.

The Army Substance Abuse Program front desk number is (502) 626-6189. The Child and Family Behavioral Health System and Family Advocacy Program front desk number is (502) 626-6170. The Department of Behavioral Health and Behavioral Health Clinic front desk numbers are (502) 626-6188/6187.

The Department of Behavioral Health provides a variety of services, including, but not limited to, mental status exams, command-directed evaluations, intensive outpatient groups, anger management, stress management, marital and family counseling, and individual counseling, as well as coordination of emergency psychiatric services when needed.

Clinic hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. On federal holidays and weekends, please call 911 for emergencies. For a behavioral health emergency, you may also go directly to Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health in Radcliff ((270) 351-9444) or to the Brook Behavioral Health Hospital in Louisville ((502) 896-0495).

All services — the Child and Family Behavioral Health System, the Family Advocacy Program, the Army Substance Abuse Program and Behavioral Health — have daily walk-in hours. For clinic and program-specific hours and procedures, please contact that clinic’s front desk.

For questions regarding your TRICARE health insurance, please call TRICARE East, Humana Military at (800) 444-5445.


General dentistry care is provided for all active-duty military members. The dental staff also provides educational services about dental disease prevention programs to post schools and assists other organizations.

Services such as endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics and prosthetics are provided by civilian providers via referrals from the dental clinic.

Fort Knox’s Jordan Dental Clinic provides treatment to the military community and can be reached by calling (502) 626-8301. Routine dental services are not available for Family members or retirees.

During normal duty hours, treatment is provided at the dental clinic serving your unit. After duty hours, Soldiers with dental emergencies should go to the nearest emergency room.


The Health and Wellness Center provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary preventive health programs to active-duty personnel, retirees and their Family members, and Fort Knox civilian employees and contractors. Programs include tobacco cessation classes, weight control programs, and cholesterol and blood pressure screenings (by appointment only). Literature and video checkout services provide customers with the latest health-related information available.


The Fort Knox Army Wellness Center is a U.S. Army Medical Command initiative that supports the Army Ready and Resilient and Patient-Centered Medical Home initiatives. The AWC is managed by the U.S. Army Public Health Command, which oversees the operation of AWCs, sets standards for AWC programs and operations, trains AWC staff members, and assesses the consistency and quality of AWCs and their programs.

The Fort Knox AWC helps address participants’ lifestyle issues and helps them develop a healthier way of living. It empowers individuals to build, sustain and manage their own good health.

The center offers programs and services that help clients achieve lifestyle changes that might help prevent or mitigate chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Those free programs include body composition analysis, metabolic analysis, exercise testing, stress management and sleep education. The center also offers classes covering topics such as healthy sleep habits, how to increase one’s metabolism, introduction to biofeedback and general wellness

The AWC approach is holistic, incorporating body and mind as well as multiple disciplines such as fitness, nutrition, stress management, wellness, self-care, tobacco education and sleep hygiene.

The AWC serves members of the armed forces, their Family members, retirees, DOD civilians and contractors.

As the AMEDD transitions to a system of health, AWCs will provide the support for integrated wellness services as part of the medical provider’s toolkit for comprehensive care. Every wellness center encounter is documented in the medical record. Medical providers give direction and oversight to the wellness center and follow patient progress through medical record documentation generated by wellness center health educators. The AWC links patient care in the patient-centered medical home model by providing health education resources. The center reduces primary care manager requirements for common health and wellness screenings such as blood pressure, body mass index and coronary artery disease risk factors.

The Fort Knox AWC is at 545 Eisenhower Ave. For appointments, call (502) 626-0408.


The Nutrition Care Division of IRAHC strives to provide superior Soldier support and patient care through an expert group of nutrition professionals employing the full spectrum of nutrition science to optimize Soldier health, physical performance, and nutritional education and awareness, which shapes eating habits for a lifetime. Registered dietitians are available to provide medical nutrition therapy to active-duty Soldiers, retirees and Family members. Individual appointments are available by referral only. Once a referral is received from your primary care manager, you may schedule an appointment. Referrals are not required for classes, but since seating is limited, participants must call the Nutrition Clinic at (502) 624-9713 for reservations.


IRAHC strives to provide exceptional customer service and top quality medical care at all times. If there is some area of concern that needs attention, there is a customer service advocate in each section who can assist in resolving those specific concerns. For concerns that need attention outside of an individual clinic, please contact the patient representative officer at (502) 624-9011.


There are two pharmacies on Fort Knox. The main pharmacy is in the basement of IRAHC and can be reached at (502) 624-9777. It is open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on training holidays. A satellite pharmacy – Binter Pharmacy – is near the Class VI on Binter Street and can be reached at (502) 624-9222. It is open 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and training holidays. Both pharmacies are closed Sunday and federal holidays. Beneficiaries with written prescriptions from off-post health care providers are encouraged to take those to the Binter Pharmacy. All prescription refills must be called in to (800) 440-7058 (toll free) or (502) 624-9345 (local number), mailed in or requested online at ahead of time and must be claimed within seven days. The TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy is also available. The medications are directed to Express Scripts at (877) 363-1303 (toll free).


The Fort Knox Veterinary Clinic is in Building 1006 on 192nd Tank Battalion Road, across from Cadet Command. Its hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The clinic is closed the last duty day of each month for inventory. You must be a military ID card holder to receive services. Payments are due at the time of service. To schedule an appointment, please call (502) 624-5819/3271.


The mission of the Fort Knox Army Substance Abuse Program, known as ASAP, is to support and enhance readiness through deterrence of substance abuse and suicide and to coordinate resources for Fort Knox Soldiers, civilians, Family members and commanders to mitigate high risk behaviors. This is accomplished by providing innovative educational campaigns and prevention training and the military and civilian drug testing programs, encouraging a caring command climate, and making appropriate referrals to services that can meet identified needs.

Specific services provided by ASAP include the Employee Assistance Program, Prevention Coordination, Risk Reduction, Suicide Prevention, the Installation Biochemical Testing Program, and integration of the Commander’s Ready and Resilient Council.

The Employee Assistance Program helps employees identify and resolve personal problems that may affect their job performance and well-being, assists management in addressing productivity issues, and promotes installation work, life and wellness programs.

Prevention Coordination services develop and may provide personal readiness training or specifically catered substance abuse training based on unit needs. Prevention Coordination services also conduct Prime for Life classes, coordinate the military unit prevention leader certification course, lead several substance abuse awareness campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol and drugs and to inform of available resources, and create the annual ASAP prevention and marketing plan.

Risk Reduction services supports commanders by providing up-to-date risk data and historical trend analysis, as well as providing unit risk inventories and reintegration-unit risk inventories to Soldiers in their unit. This data allows the Risk Reduction Program to brief leaders on current high-risk behavior and recommend mitigations. The Risk Reduction Program provides training to commanders on the Commanders Risk Reduction Dashboard, which affords a commander a real-time view of the unit’s high risk areas.

Suicide Prevention services supports the Army’s goal to minimize suicidal behavior by reducing the risk of suicide for Soldiers, Army civilians and Family members, stressing the importance of early identification of, and intervention with, problems that detract from personal and unit readiness.

The Installation Biochemical Testing Program supports the military and civilian drug testing programs and provides up-to-date guidance and recertification training to unit prevention leaders.

Under the direction of the Fort Knox senior commander, the Commander’s Ready and Resilient Council, known as CR2C, identifies and sets priorities for installation community health promotion and well-being programs; directs the integration and synchronization of installation programs and services; and develops and implements strategies to identify gaps and overlaps in health and well-being services.

The CR2C is facilitated by the U.S. Army Garrison Directorate of Human Resources Community Readiness and Resiliency Integrator, which encourages cooperation, coordination and integration of medical, tactical and garrison assets as it relates to readiness and resiliency. The CR2C working groups (spiritual, emotional and social, physical and family readiness) identify the risk factors and community needs. The senior commander assigns responsibilities and directs action to resolve issues as they relate to readiness and resiliency.

The Fort Knox ASAP provides the Community Readiness and Resiliency Integrator (ASAP manager) and four key ASAP positions that provide support and guidance to the CR2C work groups and related CR2C processes.

The Army Substance Abuse Program is in Building 1224, 94 Pershing Drive, and is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To contact the Employee Assistance Program, please contact (502) 624-8361.

To contact an Army Substance Abuse Program specialist (suicide prevention, prevention coordination, risk reduction), please call (502) 624-1537/5679/7374.

To contact the Drug Testing Program, please contact (502) 624-8368/7119.

The Army Substance Abuse Program manager and Community Readiness and Resiliency Integrator may be contacted at (502) 624-7031.

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