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Chosen Mortgage Team

Jason Kemelgor, is a person that values relationships and the energy associated with them.

He has been in Sales, Customer Service and Leadership positions for the past 23 years. He has held many titles including President, Realtor, Director, Regional Manager and Sales Rep. He has seen and experienced many different levels of success and failure in Life, Sports, Education and Business.

Jason Kemelgor is married to Allison Kemelgor Vice President of Internal Audit for Bright Spring Health Services. They collectively have 4 children between them, from the oldest to the youngest, Sierra, Reagan, Brooke and Rylan and they for sure make Jason’s life very busy.

Jason prides himself on never meeting a stranger and always telling it like it is or as you will hear him say “it is what it is.”

AnnieMac Home Mortgage is a growing fast paced, intellectually based group of professionals that strive to “Educate and Communicate” with the Mortgage procurement being the service vehicle utilized.

If you want to be provided with an experience that makes you or those around you say WOW as it relates to a Refinance or establishment of a new Mortgage, give AnnieMac Home Mortgage an opportunity to create a WOW experience for you or those you care about.

Call and ask to speak with Jason and he will be more than willing to spend time getting to know your story and life thus matching you up with one of the many different loan programs available to you.

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We offer many opportunities and discounts to our Veteran community to provide value and show appreciation.

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The VA Loan is a federal loan offered to veterans, military members and qualified military spouses created to help families purchase or finance their home during the home buying process. Each loan is issued by a qualified VA lender that determines the rates, terms and conditions of the loan based on VA rules and guidelines.

The VA Home Loan was created in 1944 by the United States government to help returning service members finance and purchase for their families without needing excellent credit or a down payment.

Due to the housing market crisis that happened between 2008 and 2012, traditional home loans can be more difficult to obtain due to the requirements.


No down payment required.

Qualified borrowers can take advantage of a VA loan without putting down a down payment.


Federal Loans do not require Private Mortgage Insurance, reducing the overall costs associated with the loan.


PMI (Insurance Required)

Private Mortgage Insurance is required for any home buyer that finances 80% or more of their home.

Standard Qualification Procedures

All standard approval procedures must be followed which makes it more difficult for a homeowner to qualify for financing a home.