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ACS financial readiness program

ACS financial readiness program

This program emphasizes personal financial responsibility and accountability by providing basic principles and practices of sound money management, counseling tools and referral services. Financial guidance is offered to those experiencing money management difficulties or for those who wish to be in control of their finances. A personalized budget and spending plan can be drawn up to your needs. Information and assistance is also available in areas such as military pay and allowances, consumer fraud, savings, insurance, car buying, home buying credit card management and much more. ACS Financial Planning and Consumer Affairs can help with budgeting, managing debt, and check writing classes. It offers consumer education classes, and consumer complaint advice and referral. Call ACS for an appointment.

The ACS FRP offers monthly 1st Termer Financial Classes. It is an 8 hour class that covers all the fundamentals of financial management. Other classes offered each month are Credit Management, Car Buying, TSP and Investing and Basic Money Management.

Fort Leavenworth is considered a high cost of living area due to its proximity to Kansas City. A large portion of service members stationed here are Majors and above. The local housing market is geared toward the upper BAH rates. Local rentals average $800.00-$1500.00 per month depending on size and location. Utilities on average are $100.00 a month for electricity during the summer months, but can run as high as $300.00-$500.00 during winter.

If you require emergency assistance while traveling to Fort Leavenworth there are many agencies that can assist you. If you are near a military installation, go to their Family Center for help. If you are not near an installation, call the local Red Cross. Your TRICARE coverage is available for any medical need during transfer.

The ACS FRP recommends discussing advanced pay with a financial specialist. If you choose to draw an advanced pay, it is best to have a plan for using the money and an understanding that it will be repaid by allottment, thus reducing your monthly income.

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