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Fruision Candles and Diffusers
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Kaiawe 1. pronounced ( ki ya ve)

Kaiawe #1 60ml

SKU 0001

Luxurious ,Feminine and Delicate scent

Product Info: Lemon, Bergamot Black Fig, Freesia Rose Cedarwood Amber Musk and Blonde Woods
Price 30.00
Kaiawe #2 60ml
SKU 0002
Sophisticated and Masculine scent
Product Info: Leather, Cardamom lemon , Sandalwood Cedarwood Cinnamon ,Vetiver Amber Musk and Iris
Price 30.00
North Shore Candle 11 Oz
SKU 0003
Woody Fresh combined with Citrus scents
Product Info :
Satsuma , Golden Bamboo Jasmine and Soft Woods
Price 50.00
Black Sand Candle 11oz
SKU 0004
Luxurious, Feminine and Delicate scent
Product Info : Lemon, Jasmine Ginger Sandalwood Vanilla, Tonka Bean Amber and Musk
Price 50.00
Diamond Head Diffuser
SKU 0005
Clean Light and Inviting Scent
Product Info ;White Tea , Bamboo and Oud Wood
Price 40.00
Kona Diffuser
SKU 0006
Light and Inviting and Clean scent
Product Info
White Tea, Bergamot , Jasmine and Sandalwood
Price 40.00
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