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Fast Facts

Fast Facts


Located near the town of Petersburg about 25 miles south of Richmond, Fort Lee is home to U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School, 49th Quartermaster Group and the Defense Commissary Agency. Fort Lee homepage.

Cost of Living: Rates are higher than average for all major U.S cities.

BRAC Status: The base population has risen 48 percent since 2011 as a result of BRAC. Ten projects totaling more than one-half billion dollars was awarded since mid-2007. At the conclusion of the BRAC process more than 7 million square feet of buildings will be constructed on Fort Lee.

Base Operator: 804-765-3000 or DSN 312-539-3000




  • 5,288 Active Duty
  • 13,249 Family Members
  • 4,117 Civilians
  • 3,611 Retirees and their Family Members
  • 1,767 Contractors
  • 9,909 Students/Trainees

Area Population: Petersburg: 51,689; Richmond metro: 2,649,519


Child care

Fort Lee Child Development Center offers full-day, before/after-school services, preschool and hourly programs, for children 6 weeks to kindergarten age. 804-765-3852. Family Child Care (FCC) homes available.



There are no DoD schools on Fort Lee. The Prince George County School System has been designated as the agency responsible for the education of family members residing on Fort Lee.


Youth services

Fort Lee Youth Center, 804-765-3763. Middle School and Teen Program (MST) provides activities for youth 6th-12th grade.


Army community service

ACS 804-734-6388



The Villages at Fort Lee is Privatized Military Housing. The Villages manages 1500 Family quarters, one-quarter designed for offices and the others for enlisted Soldiers. Two to five bedroom quarters are located within the five neighborhoods. Call 804-733-1588 or visit the website.



Fort Lee is located in a small, rural area with some industry. Unemployment Rate 14.9%. Median household income: $33,119.


Post services


  • FMWR Facilities: Recreation at Fort Lee, VA includes three Bowling Centers, Auto Crafts, Cardinal Golf Course, Battle Drive Pool, Fitness Centers, Leisure Travel, Sport Zone, Lee Playhouse Theater, Lee Club, Adventure Club and Outdoor Recreation.
  • Commissaries: 1 large commissary on post, 804-765-1036.
  • Exchange Systemhas 1 large exchange, a mall, and one shoppette, 804-861-5970/71.
  • Banking facilities on post: Sun Trust Bank and Fort Lee Federal Credit Union.


Medical services

Kenner Army Health Clinic 804-734-9000; appointments/Tricare 866-645-4584.

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