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Fort Lee Civilian Spotlight: Scott Neal

Fort Lee Civilian Spotlight: Scott Neal

Story by Terrance Bell on 09/05/2019

Hometown: Fircrest, Wash.

Place of duty: Cardinal Golf Club

Position: Golf course manager

Length of federal service: Eight months

Former position: Professional Golf Association pro with the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

Military service background: Veteran, U.S. Navy

Role and responsibilities as course manager: Responsible for course activities to include business operations as well as the pro shop, teaching activities and public relations.

A typical day: “I start by checking in with staff (10-15 employees) to see what’s going on; then I look over the facility for cleanliness and take care of any administrative work. As the day progresses, I’m usually behind the counter (of the pro shop) greeting people as they come in. Usually, there is another worker out there with me. I’ve made an effort to show my face because it is important for customer relations. The day ends with me sitting back at my computer checking emails and doing other administrative work.”

What you love most about the job: “The people I work with. If you’re spending more time at work than at home, you hope to have a good work family. Sharing the day with the people I work with is the fun part.”

Your chief job motivation: “When I was away from golf (during a brief hiatus as an insurance agent), I did a lot of praying and soul-searching to get back into golf. I missed the passion. I missed hitting the ball, and I missed the challenge. I’m not good enough to play on tour, but the camaraderie associated with golf and everything else is what I love. That, along with taking care of my family and working with the military, is what gets me up each day.”

Most important aspect of your operation: “Providing great customer service on a daily basis.”

Biggest job pet peeve: “There are some members who don’t take care of their golf course. Sometimes, there are cigarette butts and trash thrown on the grounds. More respect should be shown for the course. Also, when members and customers drive their golf carts in areas where they are not allowed. It wears down the course.”

What you expect from leaders: “Communication is my biggest thing.”
What your subordinates can expect out of you: “They can expect me to lead by example.”

Role model: “Jesus he was pretty awesome.”

What you consider as your greatest achievement: “Being a father to two children.”

Where you would most like to live: “Right here in Chester, for now. Later I would like to live in Madison, Ala., where my mom and dad are located.”

When and where you were the happiest: “Here and now at Fort Lee.”

The historical or celebrity figure you would like to meet: “Any member of (the British rock band) Led Zeppelin. I have a passion for music. I liked it as a kid, but I never caught on to anything. When I heard Led Zeppelin, however, and went to their concert in July ’77 in Seattle, I was like This is one of the most amazing things anyone could experience.'”

Your greatest fear: “Failure in regards to my family, the staff or my boss. I don’t like letting people down.”

Greatest extravagance: “If I had the money, I would buy the guitars I want. It’s between that and shoes. I’m a shoes kind of guy.”

The talent you would love to have: “Being a comedian. I have it in me naturally; I know I do. Watching people laugh at something I do gives me great pleasure.”

What people would be surprised to know about you: “I can be serious at work, but outside of work, I can be a screw-off.”

Future aspirations: “It would feel good to raise my kids and help them find professions they are passionate about. In regard to the golf club, I’m hoping to keep this facility open, alive and profitable; and I want customers to walk away having felt they’ve been treated well.”

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