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Fort Leonard Wood Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Leonard Wood Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereFort Leonard Wood Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

Fort Leonard Wood Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Welcome to Missouri! Before you make the trip to this post nearly smack-dab in the middle of the United States, you’ll probably want to plan ahead and see what the climate and weather are like so you can properly prepare. Being so central in the United States, you’ll experience a little of every type of weather here. Expect lots of clouds, warm humid and rainy summers of the southern woodlands and the cold winters of the midwest, though thankfully, with less wind and snow.

Here is a quick article to give you some idea of how you should prepare and what to expect.

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Seasonal Temperatures

Located almost equidistant between Kansas City and St Louis, the weather here has a wide range. It remains partly to mostly cloudy almost year round. The summers are hot, muggy, and quite wet, while the winters are very cold, and snow is pretty rare. The annual low temperature is around 26 degrees and the usual annual high is around 90 degrees, though it can occasionally get up to around 98 during the peak of summer.

Flash flooding and tornadoes can occur in this region. The post website has a useful weather resource page which gives up to date information, forecasts, and warnings. You can find it here.

Fort Leonard Wood Weather in the Spring


High temps: Mid 60s to high 70s
Low temps: Mid 40s to High 50s

Spring begins with chilly mornings in the 40s with the temperature rising to very comfortable mid 60s. By Memorial Day, mornings will be in the mid 50s and rise to nearly 80 as the day goes on. This is also the rainiest part of the year with a daily average chance of rain at least 40%. Expect lots of April showers to bring May flowers here!


High temps: Mid to high 80s
Low temps: mid to high 60s

The beginning of summer is still quite rainy but the humidity doesn’t really creep in until mid June and generally lasts through August. July and early August are the hottest months. The year-round cloud coverage is less thick from June through August.

Fort Leonard Wood Weather in the Fall


High temps: Mid 70s to low 50s
Low temps: High 50s to mid 30s

Fall comes on very quickly here with temperatures dropping rapidly from September through November. Luckily the humidity stops almost overnight between August and September. The rain and clouds tend to pick back up as winter approaches but, overall, the fall is quite comfortable.


High temps: Mid 40s
Low temps: Mid 20s

Winter is cold and cloudy but usually dry with only light winds. Expect some freezing temperatures but as long as you dress warmly, you won’t have to contend with wetness and high winds which can be particularly harsh while you’re in the field.

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

During the summer months, rain and humidity will be your biggest enemies. Ensure you wear moisture wicking clothes and pack waterproofing gear. Foot and body powder will help keep your feet and harder to reach places dry in a humid environment, warding off jungle rot or chafing. Mosquitos and ticks are also an issue during the warm months so bug nets and bug spray are advisable.

While the winter is the dry season here, it is always smart to pack waterproofing equipment and have your issued GoreTex on hand. Dressing in layers and wearing moisture wicking clothes will keep your body warm. Thick, comfortable wool socks are the best way to keep your feet warm. Remember that wool stays warm even when wet while damp cotton and blends will seep the warmth from you.

Where to Find Gear at Fort Leonard Wood

If you are just starting out your military career or moving from a place with a very temperate climate, you may not have a lot of gear for the varying weather of Fort Leonard Wood. With both Baltimore and Washington DC within easy driving distance, not to mention the Under Armour Headquarters located just a half hour away, there are tons of shopping options for civilian clothing for all seasons and types of weather.

Fort Leonard Wood Military Clothing

If you need uniform or field items, you can check out the Military Clothing and Sales in Building 490.

Here you can find or replace anything you need that was not issued to you during your check in process.

Fort Leonard Wood Main Exchange

Like all exchanges on military installations, you can find a variety of civilian and military equipment and clothing, sporting goods, and automotive parts located at Fort Leonard Wood Main Exchange, 143 Replacement Ave.

US Patriot Tactical

Located within the main exchange complex, 14145 N Dakota Ave, this tactical gear and clothing store is a good resource to supplement, replace, or upgrade any field items you may need.

Outdoor Adventure Center

The post houses large tracts of hunting and recreation land and is adjacent to a National Forest. If you want to rent camping, fishing, archery, or any other type of outdoor and field gear, check out the Outdoor Adventure Center in Bldg 2290. There are rentals for outdoor parties and events, boats, RVs, and licenses or tickets for excursions or outings.

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Fort Leonard Wood Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Fort Leonard Wood is located in a very rural area and surrounded by national forests, lakes, and rivers which makes it a great place for enjoying the splendor of nature. Between that and being a major training post, you’ll likely spend a lot of time outdoors here. Come informed and prepared and enjoy your time here!


The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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