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In 1833, pioneers were migrating west. The beauty and opportunity that rested in the open rivers and streams, wooded forests and abundant wildlife of central Missouri attracted early travelers. Modern-day travelers are drawn for many of the same reasons. In the heart of Missouri, Pulaski County affords the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day life to glimpse a simpler time. Looking for a bit of history? We’ve got that. How about history in the making? No problem. Have a passion for outdoor adventure? Give us a real challenge! Golf? Fishing? Spelunking? Pulaski County has something for everyone.

As summer’s warmth folds into the brilliant fall foliage, possibilities in Pulaski County thrive. Summer festivals, carnivals, community parks and access to some of America’s favorite outdoor escapes: reasons abound that beckon visitors worldwide. Charming Midwestern towns, breathtaking scenery, outdoor adventure and echoes of history invite travelers throughout the year to linger in the Ozark landscape. Whether admiring a stunning sunset or exploring history in a museum, Pulaski County has something for everyone.

Much of Pulaski County’s charm rests with its link to a younger America. As stagecoaches made way for railroads and the Wire Road faded under the construction of Route 66, Pulaski County has witnessed history and the rise of the Midwest. The Cherokee Indians traversed the area in 1837, on the grueling trek to Oklahoma that would become known as the Trail of Tears. The Civil War was the backdrop under which Pulaski County witnessed neighbor fight against neighbor, where the Union Army built a fort in Waynesville and Confederate militias patrolled the woods. Railroads boomed and faded, planting the foundations for Crocker, Dixon and Richland. World War II introduced the construction of Fort Leonard Wood, through which passed infantry troops bound for Europe as well as German and Italian prisoners of war. The post has since supported and trained military personnel for every U.S. war; the re-establishment of the post after a brief deactivation led to the boom of the neighboring community, St. Robert. Present-day St. Robert has grown to be the economic center of Pulaski County.

As America moves into the next century, Pulaski County still preserves and honors its history yet itself is witness to history in the making. A tour of the county reveals unique relics and museums; a chat with a local resident will illustrate enchanting folklore of days past. Escape the frantic pace of the interstate to relax on Route 66, where a winding country drive will remind you of the good old days. Neighboring Fort Leonard Wood stands proud as the launching ground for thousands of military careers.

Outdoor lovers won’t be disappointed. The Ozark landscape of Pulaski County is unique in its rolling hills, dramatic caves, abundant wildlife and winding rivers. Take your pick from the Roubidoux, Gasconade or Big Piney River. Spend an afternoon fishing or hunting, camping or cave diving. Pulaski County is home to world-renowned fishing and canoeing. Its hiking trails and community parks are ideal whether you want a rugged challenge or a leisurely walk. Sports enthusiasts: we’ve got what you’re looking for, too. Multipurpose fields for soccer, rugby, field hockey and lacrosse exist side by side with volleyball courts, softball fields, swimming pools, tennis courts and horseshoe pits. Pulaski County is also a popular geocaching location, hiding more than 60 caches.

Every city has its charm, and the communities of Pulaski County are no exception. Blossoming and thriving St. Robert, historic Waynesville and proud Fort Leonard Wood complement the beauty of Richland and the railroad history of Crocker and Dixon. Perhaps most central to the heart of the county is its people. Friendliness and hospitality overflow throughout the city festivals and community events or with a neighborly wave on the street.

Don’t miss Pulaski County’s miles of waterways, caves, mills and springs, history and Midwestern charm.

The Pulaski County Tourism Bureau has an office in St. Robert and a web page at The bureau can be reached by phone at 573-336-6355 or toll free at 877-858-8687.

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