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Fort McCoy teens find inner superheroes

Fort McCoy teens find inner superheroes

Story by Aimee Malone on 09/12/2019

Fort McCoy teens found their inner superheroes through resilience training Aug. 12-16 at Child and Youth Service’s (CYS) School Age Center/Youth Center (SAC/YC).

As part of CYS summer camp, teens have been incorporating resiliency skills into their weekly lessons and activities. The week of Aug. 12 focused on character strengths.

“The students picked what they thought were their top character strengths then took a personality quiz to compare the results,” said Tammie Noe, supervisory program specialist with the SAC/YC. Noe is also a master resilience trainer who specializes in family and youth resilience. She said some of the teens were surprised by what the quiz rated as their dominant character strengths.

According to the Master Resilience Training program, knowing character strengths can help teens bring the best of themselves to any situation. Good leaders rely on their character strengths and let others use theirs in order to be successful both individually and in teamwork.

Character strengths can also have a “shadow side,” Noe said. Using a character strength too much, especially in the wrong time or place, can cause problems. Learning about different character strengths can help teens learn when to use their own and when to let others shine, she said.

CYS students paired themselves with famous superheroes based on their character strengths. For example, Wonder Woman was paired with curiosity and an interest in the world, while Doctor Strange paired with spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith. Character strengths fell into 24 categories, including bravery, humor, optimism, perseverance, and more.

Caricature artist Jason Gerke, also known as The Doodler, visited the SAC/YC on Aug. 15 in conjunction with the leadership. He drew the teens as their matched superheroes. Gerke also drew group pictures of younger students attending the summer camp.

CYS provides programs and services for children of both military and civilian employees’ families. Programs include full, part-time, or hourly child care; after-school care; summer camp; teen programs; instructional classes; career-preparation opportunities; and sports and fitness activities.

For more information about SAC/YC programs, call 608-388-8956.

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