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Global Medic training intensifies

Global Medic training intensifies

Story by SPC Vontrae Hampton on 09/03/2019

U.S. service members participated in Global Medic and combat support training to increase their readiness for deployment in a joint medical environment, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, Aug. 15, 2019.

The training prepared service members to react quickly and perform their duties in stressful situations.

“The purpose of a combat support training exercise (CSTX) is for pre-deployment training. It’s an opportunity for us to deploy as a large unit instead of just at the company level,” said U.S. Army Reserve Spc. Benjamin Petty.

Units were collected together to see how they function as a larger element, said Petty.

“Coming from a ground ambulance company, we practice in-convoy operations all year round,” said Petty.

Some of us were sent to do field training, and some of us had the mission of executing practical exercises, said Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Christopher Scott

“We build wounds to make them look as real as possible,” said Scott.

We try to give the training subjects some of the worst injuries possible to give service members a real feel of how to adequately treat the patient, said Scott.

“We have a lot of blown off limbs and eviscerations, and if they don’t patch up some of these wounds quick enough,” said Scott, “we have the robotics that show just how quickly some of these patients can die.”

“It helps us medics be as thorough as possible and attentive in our treatments,” said Scott.

“Seeing how some of the robotics are, definitely makes me want to put more attention and passion into these things to make them look as real as possible,” said Scott.

“The CSTX provides us with that opportunity to be with other personnel and to get hands on experience like picking up a casualty that’s been treated by the field medics, taking them to a field hospital, and then passing them on to the next level of care,” said Petty.

There is a whole lot of logistics and moving parts that go into making an event like this happen. This training gives us a measure of how prepared we are to deploy, said Petty.

“Being able to work with other branches gives us the opportunity to train as we fight. We don’t fight alone,” said Petty. “The training allows us to put everything we have learned together and build cohesion with our units and also the other branches.”

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